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Students get a:

Separate rules and discounts applies for students on boats in Sogn og Fjordane. 

If you are under 21 years old, purchase a 30-day youth ticket for an even greater discount.

Tickets for Skyss buses, Bergen light rail and some boat connections is also valid on trains between Bergen and Voss. Read more about using Skyss tickets and season tickets on trains here.

Who is entitled to the student discount?

The student discount applies to persons under the age of 30, and is given to the following:

  • Full-time students or pupils in upper secondary school, vocational school, university, university college or other educational institution accredited by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. This discount is also extended to Norwegian students abroad. The programme must be longer than 3 months, and for higher education, the programme must be equivalent to 30 or more credits per semester. For upper secondary school, the workload must be equivalent to a full-time programme.
  • Full-time apprentices and trainees, provided the training perform the with the provisions of Chapter 4 of the Education Act.
  • Adult foreign-language speakers who are learning Norwegian and taking social studies, or refugees in the introduction programme.

Separate rules and discounts applies for students on boats in Sogn og Fjordane. 

You must show valid documentation

When requested by the driver or ticket inspector, student passengers must be able to present documentation of attending school/getting training that semester.  

  • Student ID/electronic student ID confirming your status as a student this semester.
  • Documentation from the school or training establishment confirming enrolment in the current semester, along with another form of valid photographic ID.
  • Students enrolled in educational institutions abroad must have an ISIC card (ANSA cards are not accepted).
  • Foreign students must carry identification and acceptance letters from the school.

For apprentices/trainees, valid documentation is either

  • a personal ID card from an enterprise, marked 'Apprentice' or 'Trainee', or
  • a copy of an apprenticeship/traineeship contract, or
  • confirmation from the enterprise that you are an apprentice/trainee, stating the duration of the apprenticeship/traineeship contract and your name and date of birth.

Persons who are unable to present valid documentation that they are entitled to the student discount during inspections must pay the applicable penalty charge.

Ticket inspection