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Travel guarantee form

The travel guarantee applies to buses, Bergen lightrail and express boats (not ferries). The travel guarantee means that we are obliged to do our utmost to ensure that you arrive on time. If delays or other interruptions to public transport nonetheless occur, we will:

  • Give you the best possible information about the situation.
  • Give you information as early as possible about alternative transport/routes.
  • Arrange for alternative transport insofar as practically possible.

We will always do our utmost to learn from our mistakes so that the same thing does not happen again. If we are unable to offer you alternative transport, we will refund your documented expenses for a taxi and/or use of your own car or other alternative transport – if you are delayed:

  • By more than 20 minutes on journeys lasting less than 1 hour: up to NOK 550.
  • By more than 40 minutes on journeys lasting between 1 and 3 hours: up to NOK 825.
  • By more than 60 minutes on journeys lasting more than 3 hours: up to NOK 1,100.

On journeys lasting more than three hours where the delay means that you do not arrive at your destination until the next day, we will cover your accommodation expenses.

To claim a refund, you must fill in and submit a travel guarantee form or contact us in writing no later than one month after the incident.

Within one month of receiving the inquiry, we will provide feedback on whether the complaint is accepted, rejected, or if it is under consideration. We will send a final response within 3 months of receiving your inquiry.

The receipt must contain VAT and organization number. If this is missing on the receipt, the money will be transferred to the mobile account in the Skyss Ticket app.

Make sure to use the applicable timetable and up-to-date information about the public transport service. Separate timetables often apply at public holidays. 

When does the guarantee apply?
The right to a refund arises in the event of all types of irregularities that are not announced in advance. A refund can be claimed for expenses for alternative transport, a taxi or use of own car*. If you know that an alternative transport option is available, you should make use of this option, alternatively in addition to a taxi.

The travel guarantee applies to single journeys and transfers within the journey. You must allow enough time for transfers in addition to the time it takes to walk between the means of transport, unless it is a scheduled connection.

Only applies to buses:
The travel guarantee also applies to delays caused by passengers being left behind due to the lack of capacity on a bus. Please note that passengers left behind due to there not being room for a pram/buggy do not qualify for a refund.

When does the guarantee not apply?
The travel guarantee does not apply if there is 20 minutes or less until the next departure according to the timetable. Nor does the travel guarantee apply if the delay or cancellation is due to circumstances beyond our/the carrier’s control, such as: 

  • Public orders or prohibitions, strikes etc.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Extraordinary weather conditions (e.g. heavy snowfall,. landslides/avalanches, floods or exceptionally slippery roads)
  • Road work or unforeseen road problems.
  • Large events or other traffic-related matters that have major consequences for public transport.
  • The travel guarantee does not cover indirect losses resulting from the delay, for example that you missed a dental appointment, business appointment or a flight. 

The travel guarantee does not apply on ferries.

The travel guarantee is a national scheme prepared by the public transport service and the Federation of Norwegian Transport Companies.

Refunds only applies to mileage allowance. The refund does not cover tolls, parking or rental car expenses.

* If you travel by car, you will receive a refund of mileage allowance. If several people travel together, only the driver can submit a claim for refund. If a refund is required for several passengers, it must be documented that the passenger(s) had a valid ticket for the journey.