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Anyone who travels without a ticket causes the community a loss of tens of millions every year. This money could have been used for a better public transport service.

Missing ID/documentation
If you have received a fine due to lack of ID and/or documentation showing that you are entitled to a discount, we can waive the fine if you visit our customer service centre with the original fine and valid ID and/or documentation within the last date for paying the fine. 

Customer service center

If you believe that you have incorrectly received a fine, you can send a message to us using our contact form or by mail. Remember to include details about that date of inspection and number on the fine you have received. Complaints must be submitted in writing within three weeks after you have received the fine.

Contact form

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Did you know:

  • You are responsible for having valid documentation if you are entitled to a discount
  • If you do not have a ticket, you will receive a fee of NOK 1150,- (NOK 950,- payment on the spot)

The aim of inspections is to increase the number of paying passengers, to prevent incorrect purchases/sales, to provide guidance and to contribute to a safe travel.

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Regulations for fares and discount schemes for buses, Bergen Light Rail and some boat connections

Regulations for fares and discount schemes for boats in Hordaland

Regulations for fares and discount schemes for boats in Sogn og Fjordane

Transport Regulations