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Download Skyss Travel app by searching for ‘Skyss Reise’. :

The Skyss Travel app has the following main functions:

Regular travel routes, stops you often use or planned trips in the future can be stored as your favourites. These will be visible and easily accessible when you open the app.

You can choose the order of your favourites, by pressing the line, stop or travel search, and moving it where you want. 

You can easily plan your trip by searching for travel options from stop, address or GPS location, or by selecting a stop on the map. Under "More options" you can, among other things, choose how long you need if you have to change means of transport along the way and adjust how fast you are going.

By clicking on the travel suggestions, you can view several details about your journey, receive discrepancy information, view the journey on the map and share the travel suggestion with others. More about how we provide information in case of discrepancies in public transport can be found here.

The travel planner shows you several possible travel options. There are not necessarily connections between the stated departures. Allow at least five minutes of transition time, plus any walking time between the stops.

Arrive at the stop well in advance. The times stated for stopovers are approximations. The bus may arrive a bit before or a bit after the stated time. 

Open the map by clicking on “map” in the menu option at the bottom of the app.
If you have activated location on your mobile device, the map will automatically display the stops that are closest to you.

At the top of the map, you will find a search field. When you type in the search bar, you can choose whether the app is to show you stops or lines that contain your query.

  • Stops
    If you know which stop you will be departing from, you can search for specific stops and receive these as a list of lines that use the stop together with departure times. If you click on the line/journey, you will receive the stops on the bus route and can choose to view the entire schedule for the route.

    You are welcome to add your most frequently used stops as favourites. You can do so by clicking on the star on the line you wish to add as a favourite.

    You can easily view the schedule from the selected stop for the next five days.
  • Lines
    You can easily search for all lines by bus, Light Rail, boat and ferry. The function to find lines is the same as before.  

    Click on the search bar at the top of the map and select "Lines". Here the lines you searched for last will appear automatically. In addition, you will receive lines that operate in the vicinity of where you are located. Nearby lines will only appear if you have turned on your location, which you can do by clicking on the arrow at the bottom left of the map.

    By clicking on a line, you will receive a map showing the route for the line. All of the stops are displayed below the map. Select the stop you want to depart from, and you will receive the next departures and schedule, displaying departures for the next five days.

    You are welcome to add your most frequently used stops as favourites. You can do so by clicking on the star on the line you wish to add as a favourite.

    Useful to know! By clicking on the filter symbol in the lower left corner, you can also tick the box to display city bikes on the map.

Departures in real time are marked in orange and display when the bus is expected to leave the selected stop. Departure times in real-time are available for all bus stops in Hordaland.



You can choose between Nynorsk, Bokmål and English as the language in the Skyss Ticket and Skyss Travel app. The app applies the same language as the one you have selected by default on your mobile device. If you have chosen English or other language that is not Norwegian as the default language, the Skyss apps will be in English.