Skyss Ticket app

You can buy a selection of single tickets and season tickets using your mobile phone if you have an iPhone or an Android phone. Download the app Skyss Ticket and buy the tickets that best suit your needs.

Download the app
You need the Skyss Ticket mobile app for iPhone and Android phones to buy tickets using your mobile phone. The app can be downloaded free from App Store or Google Play by searching for 'Skyss' or using the following links.

Link to App Store

Link to Google Play

Tickets available in app
You must buy a ticket before boarding. You can buy the following tickets using the ticket-app:

  • Single tickets for adults, children, seniors/concessions and bicycles. 
  • 24-hour ticket for adults, children and seniors/concessions
  • 7-, 30- and 180-day season tickets for adults, children, seniors/concessions and students.
  • 30-day youth tickets for the whole of Hordaland county.

30-day season tickets are also valid on local train services between Bergen and Arna/Trengereid. 

You can buy tickets for bus, light rail way and boat for Hordaland in the app.

Tickets and prices

Buying tickets with the app

Using the ticket-app

Please note: The app Skyss Ticket must not be confused with the Skyss Travelcard. Tickets and your balance in the ticket-app are independent of tickets and the balance in your Skyss Travelcard.

The first time you use the Skyss Ticket app, you will receive a one-time password via SMS. Unfortunately, some customers with foreign mobile numbers are having trouble receiving the one-time password. Please contact our customer service centre if you are experiencing this problem.

The Skyss Travelcard