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You can use the Skyss Ticket app to travel by Skyss buses in Vestland, light rail in Bergen, boat in Hordaland, boats in Sogn og Fjordane included in the zone system and local trains between Bergen and Voss.

Download Skyss ticket app:

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How to purchase a ticket in the app

Purchase your ticket before you board

You must purchase your ticket in the Skyss Ticket app before you board. There is a 2-minute delay when you purchase tickets in the app. This means that it will take two minutes from when you purchase the ticket in the app until it is activated. You may, however, board when you have completed the purchase and the text “Aktiv om 2:00 – Påstigning tillatt” is showing on your screen and the countdown has begun.

When you purchase a ticket in the app, the following methods of payment are available:

  • Travel account 
  • Debit/credit card (Visa/Mastercard/AmEx)
  • Vipps
  • Phone bill (not available for season tickets)

Select your preferred payment method as follows:

  • Innstillingar
  • Forvalgt betalingsmåte

Travel account
The travel account is one method of payment available in the Ticket app. The minimum deposit is NOK 200 and the maximum balance permitted is NOK 5000. In order to use the travel account as a method of payment, the current balance must be at least equivalent to the purchase amount. You may use one of the following methods to make deposits to your travel account:

  • Visa or Mastercard
  • Online bank transfer Send KID to 2412 for more information.

If you want to close your travel account and you want the balance refunded, fill out the form found here.  Please note that if your balance is less than NOK 50, you cannot demand a refund. 

Please contact our customer service centre if you need assistance

Use the same travel account to purchase tickets for the whole family
Several users may be associated with the same travel account (see info box)
It is possible to connect several users to the same travel account. This functionality was developed especially for families. Connected users, e.g. children, can pay for their tickets by charging to the main user, e.g. their mother/father. 

Debit/credit card
You can use your Visa or Mastercard to pay for tickets in the app. We recommend registering your card in the app when you first start using it. You can use your card to pay for tickets directly, or you can use it to make deposits to your travel account.

All transactions involving debit/credit cards (Visa/Mastercard) are handled by Nets. Nets provides payment, card and information solutions in the Nordics and makes sure your electronic payments are safe. Nets will make sure all card information is stored securely and in accordance with your card issuer’s requirements. No information about your card will be stored in the app or by Skyss.

Phone bill
When you select payment via your phone bill, you will get a text message as a receipt of payment. The maximum SMS charge is NOK 200. Once the transaction is completed, your ticket will become available in the app. It may take some time to get confirmation of payment from your service provider, and the ticket will not be available until after Skyss has received confirmation.

Please note: Not all service providers and subscriptions support payment via the phone bill (e.g. Telenor Kontant and TDC).

If you have selected Vipps as your preferred payment method, the Vipps app will open automatically when it is time to pay. You will be asked to log on to Vipps. The Skyss Ticket app will request access to Vipps, and you must select Ja.

What you need to know before travelling with the Skyss Ticket app

You are responsible for making sure you have a valid ticket. If you are using the Skyss Ticket app, this includes:

  • You must purchase ticket before you board.
  • You must make sure your phone has sufficient battery capacity and internet access for your entire journey, so that you can present your ticket to any ticket inspectors.
  • If you have purchased tickets for other people on your phone, you are the one holding the tickets. Your phone must therefore be available for presentation to ticket inspectors by your travel companions for the entire the journey.

You do not need to present your ticket from the Skyss Ticket app to the driver when you board in Hordaland. You can therefore use any entrance. However, the driver, crew or ticket inspectors may demand to see your ticket at any time during your journey. When using the Skyss Ticket app in Sogn og Fjordane, you show your ticket from the app to the driver/crew when you board.

Single tickets purchased in the Skyss Ticket app may be used for transfers within the zones you purchased a ticket for. The transfer time for one zone is 90 minutes from time of purchase.

Mobile data
Use of the Skyss Ticket app requires use of mobile data (GPRS/Edge/3G/4G/5G). If you do not have coverage, you cannot purchase a ticket in the app, and you cannot present your ticket to ticket inspectors. In these situations, you need to purchase a ticket using a different method.

Lend your ticket to someone else
In order to lend a ticket purchased in the Ticket app to someone else, you need to physically lend them your phone.

Transferring season tickets between phones
If you get a new phone or have to reinstall the Ticket app for another reason, you can transfer your existing tickets to the new phone/app. This applies to 7-, 30- and 180-day season tickets and 30-day youth season ticket.

You may transfer your season ticket up to three times. Transfer your season ticket by logging on to the app on your new phone with your existing user name and password. On your new phone, you will see the following image:

Parking permit
If you have a 7- or 30-day season ticket (adult/student/senior) in the Skyss Ticket app, you can also get a parking permit in the app. 

See your tickets

By logging on to Mobilbillett, you can see all of the tickets you have purchased in the Skyss Ticket app. You can also make a deposit to your travel account.

Log on to Mobilbillett