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This is how it works

Park for free
The parking spaces are reserved for public transport passengers Monday–Friday, 06:00–18:00, except holidays. In the period 18:00–06:00, these parking spaces are available to anyone (except Laguneparken and Kystbygarasjen at Straume). 

Rules for parking
The maximum parking period is 20 hours, and there is no guaranteed availability. This applies to parking both with and without a parking permit.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have a valid parking permit for your vehicle. If you do not have a valid parking permit, or your car is parked for more than 20 yours, you may be fined in accordance with the Parking Regulations (in Norwegian). In certain situations, your vehicle may also be towed.

Read more about special rules for:

Who can get a parking permit
In order to park for free, you need a valid season ticket (7, 30, or 180 days) for adult/student/senior within or to/from Zone A in the Skyss Ticket app. In addition to a valid season ticket, you also need to register a parking permit in the app.

How to register a parking permit in the Skyss Ticket app

  • Go to “Meny” (upper left hand corner) and select “Parkering” .
  • Register up to two vehicles. Please note! You may only park one vehicle at a time.  
  • Remember to activate your parking permit the first time you park.   
  • The parking permit is automatically activated when you renew your season ticket, and it remains active until 18:00 on the day your season ticket expires.   

Parking permits when you have a Skyss Travelcard
If you have a Skyss Travelcard for your season ticket, please contact our customer service centre for a parking permit. Parking permits are not yet available in our webshop. 

Find parking
Parking for public transport passengers is available in the following locations:  

About 280 places, and 12 electric charging stations.

Lagunen at Steinsvikvegen has about 150 spaces. Lagunen park by Apaltunvannet has about 200 places. Separate rules apply to Laguneparken. Click here for more info.

About 180 places, and 12 electric charging stations. Free of charge if you have a valid parking permit. 

The parking at Skjoldsskiftet has about 59 places. 

There are about 117 parking spaces around Skjold. Skjold 29 places, Skjold church 29 places and Skjoldsskiftet 59 places.

About 59 places. 


Storavatnet has about 160 spaces at two parking spaces.

Straume terminal has about 160 spaces in two parking lots. Separate rules apply to Kystbygarasjen. More information click here.

About 200 places. 


Apcoa Parking handles parking enforcement on behalf of Skyss.

Click here for information about parking without a permit