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Note that some Skyss-tickets may also be used on other public transport services.

Express buses

Express bus operators Vy and NOR-WAY Bussekspress operate a number of routes to/from and through Vestland. Separate prices and rules apply to express bus journeys. Information on this is available at Vy.no and Nor-Way.no. You will find an overview of the routes here.

The following Skyss bus tickets are valid on express buses operated by Vy and NOR-WAY Bussekspress in the county of Vestland:

  • 30- and 180-day season ticket
    • You must have a season ticket for the zones in which you travel by express bus. For journeys outside the zones for which you have a valid season ticket, you will need to purchase a single ticket from Vy or NOR-WAY. Payment is made for the section of the route for which you do not already have a ticket.
  • 30-day young person’s ticket.

If you would like a single ticket or another type of express bus ticket, you must purchase this via the Vy or NOR-WAY sales channels.

Routes on which Skyss tickets cannot be used:

Note that Skyss tickets are not valid on express buses where Skyss itself operates frequent services. This applies to all express bus routes around Bergen on the following routes:

  • between Bergen Bus Station and Knarvik
    between Bergen Bus Station and Halhjem
    between Bergen Bus Station and Trengereid

You must purchase a separate ticket from Vy or NOR-WAY for these routes.

Skyss tickets are not valid for the Bergen Airport Bus.

N.B. You must make a seat reservation in advance in order to be guaranteed a seat on an express bus. You can do this via the Vy or NOR-WAY sales channels.Go to vybuss.no or nor-way.no for more information. 

Airport express

Flybussen in Bergen

Flybussen Bergen runst to and from Bergen Flesland Airport, and follows a route by Fyllingsdalen to Bergen Bus Station and city centre. After dropping off in the city centre, Flybussen continues its service to Åsane.

For timetables, stops, prices and information about how to buy tickets, go to flybussen.no

Kaibussen to Bergen Airport

Shuttlebus between Bergen Flesland Airport and Flesland quay. For timetables, stops, prices and information about how to buy tickets, go to  flybussen.no


FB58 Sogndal-Sogndal lufthamnFB59 Førde-Bringeland Flybussen

Prices and tickets

The airport buses in Førde and Sogndal has the following prices and rules:

  • Single tickets for adults NOK 90 and children NOK 45.
  • You purchase tickets on board the bus. Pay using cash or a debit card.
  • 30-day youth pass can be used as a ticket on the airport buses.

Local travelers travelling short distances, which do not start or end their trip at the airport

  • pays ordinary price (zone prices apply from 20 June 2022)
  • can use season tickets (7,- 30- and 180 day).

Please note: The familiy discount does not apply on airport buses in Førde and Sogndal.


Express boats routes Bergen-Sogn and Bergen-Nordfjord

On the express boat routes between Bergen-Sogn and Bergen-Nordfjord, separate prices, discounts and tickets apply. Go to norled.no or directly to booking.norled.no for more information.

Boats in Hordaland

Boats outside the Skyss system (without a Skyss logo) have other rates and ticket systems.

Using Skyss Travelcard on other boat connections in Hordaland
You may use your Skyss Travelcard and Cash Travel balance:

Pleease note that Cash Travel balance is about to be phased out. More information here. 

On the below connections you cannot use your Skyss Travelcard: 

Buses from other counties

On buses driven by FRAM, to and from Møre og Romsdal county, FRAM's prices apply. Go to frammr.no for information about prices and tickets.

On buses driven by Innlandstrafikk, to and from Innlandet county, Innlandstrafikk's prices apply. Go to innlandstrafikk.no for information about prices and tickets.

Bergen Card

The Bergen Card is a good option for tourists and includes free travel by bus/light rail in Hordaland and free admission or discounts to a wide range of museums, attractions, cultural events, various sightseeing services, restaurants and parking: Bergen Card