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In the Travel planner you will find all public transport schedules for bus, boat, ferry and Bergen Light Rail.

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Please note: Timetables for local buses in Vestland are only available in Norwegian. Go here to find them. 

Information about other transport


Vy and Nor-Way Bussekspress run several commercial express routes to and from Hordaland.

Go to Vy.no og Nor-Way.no for information about timetables, stops, prices and how to buy tickets.

Vy express routes:

  • VY430 Bergen-Ålesund
  • VY450 + R41/R45 Bergen-Sogndal (by train between Bergen and Voss, and by bus between Voss and Sogndal).

Nor-way express routes:

Skyss tickets are valid at some of the express routes. More information here.

Flybussen in Bergen

Flybussen Bergen runst to and from Bergen Flesland Airport, and follows a route by Fyllingsdalen to Bergen Bus Station and city centre. After dropping off in the city centre, Flybussen continues its service to Åsane.

For timetables, stops, prices and information about how to buy tickets, go to flybussen.no

Kaibussen to Bergen Airport

Shuttlebus between Bergen Flesland Airport and Flesland quay. For timetables, stops, prices and information about how to buy tickets, go to  flybussen.no


FB58 Sogndal-Sogndal lufthamnFB59 Førde-Bringeland Flybussen

Prices and tickets

The airport buses in Førde and Sogndal has the following prices and rules:

  • Single tickets for adults NOK 90. Single tickets for children, seniors and military NOK 45.
  • You purchase tickets on board the bus. Pay using cash or a debit card.
  • 30-day youth pass can be used as a ticket.

Local travelers travelling short distances, which do not start or end their trip at the airport

  • pays ordinary price (zone price)
  • can use season tickets (7,- 30- and 180 day).

Please note: The familiy discount does not apply on airport buses in Førde and Sogndal.

In Odda we have a pick-up service called HentMeg. 

This is how it works:

  • Order pick-up online at hentmeg.no or by calling 55 55 90 70.
  • Choose your wanted pick-up location. The bus arrives at the nearest bus stop.
  • You will recieve a notice by sms shortly before the pick-up, including a more exact time. You can aslo track you booking online.
  • You will be picked up at the agreed place. 

The earlier you book, the greater the chance of you being picked up at the time you wish. You can book your trip up to seven days in advance.

HentMeg is available in the area plotted in the map beneath (in Norwegian) between 4 pm-8 pm on weekdays.

Outside these periods, the bus follows the timetable. Timetables for lines 984, 985, 994 and 995 is found here, or you can find your departure in our travel planner.

Tickets and prices: HentMeg has the same prices as ordinary bus travels for one zone. You buy your ticket in Skyss ticket app, our webshop or paying cash with the driver.

Kart over Odda som viser kor tilbodet Hent meg er tilgjengeleg. Kartet viser Eitrheim, Tokheim, Kalvanes, Hatleflot og Trolltunga camping.

Trygt Heim/Safe home is a service with night buses in the district for youths between 16 and 24 years. Other travelers may use the service provided if there is free space.

Trygt heim routes are run by buses, regular taxis and maxi taxis. Ordinary bus prices apply, but for passengers under 25 years the maximum price is NOK 40 (one zone). 

Trygt Heim in Voss is suitable for wheelchair users. Persons with disabilities can be picked up and dropped off up to three kilometers from the route.

Trygt heim routes:



  • Rosendal - Husnes - Utåker: Line 760
  • Utåker - Husnes - Rosendal - Løfallstrand: Line 760