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7-, 30- and 180-day season tickets are available in the categories adult, child, senior and student.

About season tickets

The season ticket is not personal and can be shared with others, but it may only be used by one person at a time. For discounted season tickets, the person using it must satisfy all relevant eligibility criteria. To lend someone a season tickets you have added to your Skyss Travelcard, you need only lend them your card. To lend someone a season ticket, you purchased in the app, you have to lend them your actual device.

Season tickets are valid from the time of purchase/activation for 7, 30 or 180 days. Your season ticket is valid as long as you board before your pass expires, but if your journey includes a transfer, you will need to buy an additional ticket if your season ticket has expired before your transfer.

Season tickets for Skyss buses, the light rail and some connections applies to the following boat services:

  • Askøybåten - boat services between Kleppestø and Strandkaiterminalen in Bergen
  • Nordhordlandsbåten - boat services between Knarvik-Frekhaug and Strandkaiterminalen in Bergen
  • Eidesvik-Espevær
  • Florabassenget
    • Florø-Askrova-Stavang-Svanøy (Florabassenget south)
    • Florø-Barekstad-Batalden-Fanøy-Rognaldsvåg-Kinn (Florabassenget north and west) 
  • Kaupanger kai - Frønningen

How to purchase a 7-, 30- or 180-day season tickets

You can purchase a 7-, 30- or 180-day season ticket in the Skyss Ticket app, in the webshop, from ticket machines and at our customer service centre.

7-, 30- or 180-day season ticket purchased in the app or on ticket machines are activated at time of purchase.

Parking permit

If you have a 7-, 30- or 180-day season ticket, you can park for free at select parking lots in Bergen and the surrounding areas.

Parking for public transport passengers

Season tickets on train, ferry and express buses

If you travel with a season ticket from our webshop, you need to bring your Skyss Travelcard and receipt. You need to be able to present this on trains, ferrys, express boats and express buses.

Family discount

With a family discount, adult passengers may bring up to four children aged 6–17 for free on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Combination bus/boat season ticket in Hordaland

If you are purchasing a combination bus/boat season ticket, you qualify for a discount based on travel distance. Combination season ticket are available in the webshop, on board the boats, at our customer service centre and at ticket machines. The discount is not available in the Skyss Ticket app.