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Information about season tickets for Skyss buses, the light rail, and some boat routes

Season tickets that cover one or multiple price zones can be used on

  • Skyss buses
  • The Bergen Light Rail (Bybanen)

Additionally, several boat routes in Vestland are included in the price zone system and have the same prices as buses. These include

  • Askøybåten, the boat route from Kleppestø to Strandkaien
  • Nordhordlandsbåten, the boat route from Knarvik to Frekhaug to Bergen
  • Eidesvik-Espevær
  • Florø-Askrova-Stavang-Svanøy (Florabassenget south)
  • Florø-Barekstad-Batalden-Fanøy-Rognaldsvåg-Kinn (Florabassenget north and west)
  • Kaupanger kai - Frønningen

If you plan to travel with other boat routes, go to

Season ticket for trips with boat routes in Sunnhordland and Austevoll

Season ticket for trips with boat routes in Sogn and Fjordane

Season tickets on trains, express buses, and the Osterøy ferry

  • Trains: If you have a 7-, 30-, or 180-day season ticket for zones A, E, and F, you can use the season ticket on trains along the entire route between Bergen and Voss station, including Vossebanen and Arnalokalen. More information about trains can be found here.
  • Express buses: With a 30- or 180-day season ticket, you can, with some exceptions, use it for trips on express buses in Vestland, as long as you have a ticket for the zone or zones you are traveling in. More information about using Skyss tickets on express buses can be found here.
  • Osterøy Ferry: If you have a 7-, 30-, or 180-day season ticket for zone A, you can use it for bus trips on the Osterøy ferry. Note that if you travel with a single ticket or a 24-hour ticket on the bus, you must buy a single ticket for the ferry from the ferry crew.

If you have a Skysskort period ticket and are traveling by train, express bus or Osterøy Ferry, you must show both the Skysskort and receipt.



Validity and price zones

  • A season ticket is valid for 7, 30, or 180 days, starting and ending at the same time of purchase.
  • During the validity period, you can travel as much as you want within the price zone for which you have purchased the ticket. It is possible to purchase tickets for multiple price zones.
  • The ticket's cost increases based on the number of price zones you plan to travel through, with a maximum of four zones.
  • You can use the ticket as long as you board a scheduled mode of transportation while the ticket is valid.

Who the ticket applies to

  • You can get a season ticket for adults, children, seniors, and students.
  • The ticket is non-personal and can be used by others, but it can only be used by one person at a time. Remember that the person using the season ticket must always meet age and discount requirements. For example, as an adult, you cannot travel with a season ticket intended for children.
  • To lend tickets purchased through the Skyss ticket app, you must physically lend your phone. To lend a ticket on your Skysskort, you must lend the Skysskort.

Important information for season ticket travel

  • If you are traveling in Hordaland, you do not need to present the ticket when boarding. Be aware that the driver, crew, or inspector may still request to see a valid ticket at any time during the journey.
  • If you are traveling in Sogn og Fjordane and have purchased a ticket in advance, show your ticket to the driver or crew when boarding.

Find fares for all season tickets here.

Find information about price zones and zone maps here.

You can buy season tickets for 7, 30, or 180 days through the following channels

If you buy a season ticket through the Skyss webshop or at the customer service center, you'll need a Skyss Travelcard. You can order a Skyss Travelcard here.

Note: If your season ticket is on your Skyss Travelcard, remember to show both the card and the receipt when traveling by train, express bus, or the Osterøy ferry.

There are ten price zones in Vestland. When you travel within a zone, you pay the same price regardless of the distance of your journey. The ticket price increases for each price zone you purchase a ticket for, but you never pay for more than four zones.

Here you can find a map of the price zones and more information on how the zone system works

You can also find prices for all tickets here

If you have a season ticket for zone A, you can park for free at selected parking spaces in Bergen and the surrounding area. This parking arrangement applies to cars, motorcycles, and mopeds. Remember to have a parking permit.

You can find more information about parking permits and public transport parking here

If you're over 18, the family discount lets you bring up to four children for free. The discount is valid every day throughout the year.

Please remember:

  • You must be over 18 years old and have a valid adult, senior, student, or military ticket. Youth ticket is not valid for family discount.
  • The children must be between 6 and 18 years old.
  • Children under 6 years old travel for free.

The family discount applies to Skyss buses, the light rail, and select boat routes. Please note that the discount is not valid on the airport buses in Førde and Sogndal.

Family discount on trains
The discount is valid on trains between Bergen-Arna-Trengereid if you have a single ticket or a 24-hour ticket for zone A. It also applies to trains between Bergen and Voss if you have a period pass (7, 30, or 180 days) for zones A, E, and F.

Applies in Hordaland:

If you travel by bus in combination with a boat route that is not included in the price zone system, you get a discount when you purchase a combination ticket. The combination ticket consists of a season ticket for one or more zones by bus and a season ticket for a specific boat route.

You can buy a combination ticket in the Skyss webshop or at our customer service center. This type of ticket is not available on the Skyss Billett app or on board buses or boats.

Remember that bus season tickets also apply to Askøybåten, Nordhordlandsbåten, and the Eidesvik-Espevær boat route. You do not need a combination ticket for these.