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Who can use youth season ticket?
Youth season ticket are available for young people aged 16–20. 

The youth season ticket is not personal and may be shared with others, but it may only be used by one person at a time. The person using the pass must satisfy all relevant eligibility criteria. Remember valid identification.

Pupils in upper secondary school who have not yet turned 16 may also purchase a 30-day youth season ticket. You need to be able to present documentation of your admission to upper secondary school at point of sale or to the driver, or to any ticket inspectors. 

How to purchase a 30-day youth season ticket?
You can purchase a 30-day youth season ticket in the Skyss Ticket app, in the webshop and at our customer service centre. When you purchase a youth season ticket in the webshop, you need a Skyss Travelcard, and you can choose the activation date.

Where can I use the youth season ticket?
30-day youth season ticket are valid throughout Vestland, on all bus journeys with Skyss and Kringom, as well as the Bergen Light Rail.

The youth season ticket may also be used on the following:

Other bus services:

  • Kolumbus bus services (including night buses) in the Municipalities of Haugesund, Karmøy, Bokn, Tysvær and Vindafjord in Rogaland
  • “Trygt heim” bus routes
  • Airport express buses in Førge and Sogndal
  • Note: Does not include the Airport Express in Bergen


  • All boat connections in Vestland, with the following exceptions:
    • Osterfjorden boat service
    • Geitanger– Knappskog
    • Tourist route Hardanger (Norheimsund - Herand - Utne - Kinsarvik - Lofthus - Ulvik - Eidfjord)
  • Norled’s express boat connections between Sogn and Bergen, and between between Nordfjord and Bergen. You can book a seat in advance if you are travelling with a youth season ticket. See norled.no for more information.


  • All ferry connections in Vestland. Most ferry connections in Vestland use the AutoPASS regulations, where passengers travel for free. If the ferry is not free, your youth season ticket will be valid.

Express bus:

Vy and NOR-WAY express buses in Vestland County, with the exception of express bus routes around Bergen:

  • Between Bergen bus station and Knarvik
  • Between Bergen bus station and Halhjem
  • Between Bergen bus station and Trengereid

In order to be guaranteed a seat on an express bus, you need to book in advance. Use the channels provided by Vy or NOR-WAY to do so.


  • Departures between Bergen and Myrdal (Vossebanen/Arnalokalen).
  • Note: Youth season ticket are not valid on regional/long-distance trains (trains between Bergen and Oslo) or on Flåmsbana.

The youth season ticket is not valid on other private bus and boat connections in Vestland.

Seat reservation for express buses
Please note that there is no quaranteed availability on express buses when traveling with a youth season ticket. On several of the express routes you can reserve a seat, paying a supplement in the price.

Youth season ticket on a Skyss Travelcard
If you have your youth season ticket on a Skyss Travelcard, remember to save your receipt (incl. an expiry date). You need to be able to present this on trains, express boats between Bergen-Sogn and Bergen-Nordfjord, and all express buses in Vestland.

Ticket inspection
Passengers with a 30-day youth season ticket must bring a valid ID (with name, date of birth and photo), debit card with photo or a passport.