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  • Purchase your ticket. Following tickets are available
    • Single ticket for journeys in zone A. Your ticket is valid for 90 minutes from the time of purchase.
    • 24-hour ticket for journeys in zone A. Your ticket is valid for 24 hours from the time of purchase.
  • Pay using bank card (Visa, Mastercard or Maestro), smartphone or smartwatch.
  • The ticket is linked to the bank card you used to pay (more information below)
  • You can receive the ticket by SMS text message by entering your phone number after having made your purchase.
  • You can get content read aloud using buttons. This is a function adapted for persons who are blind and visually impaired.

All bank cards have several unique ID numbers that can only be retrieved when the card is used in a payment terminal. ID numbers are used to identify the bank card, since the risk of misuse is very low. The unique ID number (PAR) is the same number that enables the use of Apple Pay, Google Pay and similar services, where the physical bank card is replaced by ID numbers.

When you pay for a ticket using your bank card, the ID number is linked to the ticket. This makes it possible to see what tickets have been purchased using a specific bank card during a fare inspection or when making new purchases.

The ID number that is stored in the ticket system cannot be traced back to an individual person, and is only visible to authorised personnel. Personal data is thereby not stored in connection with ticket purchases.

By using your bank card as proof of payment, you avoid having to keep track of receipts or a Skyss Travelcard. Your ticket is linked to the bank card you used to pay. You are no longer issued paper tickets or receipts from the ticket machine. You can check your ticket or retrieve receipts in the following manner:

Tap your bank card on the ticket vending machine: Tap the bank card, smartphone or smartwatch you used to pay on the ticket vending machine.

Receive tickets by SMS text message: When you purchase tickets using the ticket machines, you can request to receive your ticket by SMS text message to your phone. Enter the phone number on the ticket machine and the ticket will be sent to the number you registered.

Check your ticket at skyss.no: Enter card information here to view a list of all tickets you have purchased using the new ticket machines. If you have a valid ticket, you will be able to see how long it is valid. You can easily print receipts as needed.

Tickets from ticket machines are valid for journeys in zone A and are valid in the municipalities of Bergen, Askøy, Øygarden, Osterøy, Alver, Austrheim, Fedje and the former municipality of Os. View the zone map here.

The tickets can be used on all Skyss busses, Bergen Light Rail and on the boats to Askøy and Nordhordland. You can also use your ticket on trains between Bergen and Arna/Trengereid (Arnalokalen and Vossebanen). If you will be using your ticket on trains, you need to present a receipt from skyss.no/kvittering or a ticket via SMS text message.

Season tickets can be purchased using the Skyss Ticket app or on the skyss.no webshop.

If you are travelling outside of zone A, you need to purchase tickets in other ways.

Skyss Travelcards cannot be used on ticket machines. You can use your Skyss Travelcard when purchasing tickets on the skyss.no webshop

Need a receipt? How to retrieve a receipt.

You cannot retrieve parking permits using the ticket machines. If you have a Skyss Travelcard and earlier retrieved your parking permit from a ticket vending machine, you can obtain your parking permit from our customer service centre. You can also purchase season tickets using the Skyss Ticket app, where you can register parking permits directly in the app.