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You can use ticket machines to

  • Buy all ticket types for buses and boats in Hordaland and Bergen Light Rail.
  • Buy combination tickets for bus/boat and bus/ferry in Hordaland.
  • Top up your Skyss Travelcard and register Favourite.
    Please note: The use of cash travel balance is being phaes out, see updated information about the Travelcard
  • Check what products you have on your Skyss Travelcard (Please note: This does not apply for tickets bought in the webshop) 
  • Print a copy of receipts
  • Print a parking permit (Only possible until further notice. Note: If you have a Skyss Travelcard, you can get a parking permit at our customer service center. You can also buy a season ticket in the Skyss Ticket app, and register a parking permit there).

You can pay using

  • A bank card (BankAxept, Visa and MasterCard)
  • Your Skyss Travelcard
  • Coins (not banknotes)

Your ticket

Skyss Travelcard:
You can purchase a single ticket or travel pass from a ticket machine and add it to your Skyss Travelcard. You do not need to read or present your Travelcard when you travel, but you must be able to present it to ticket inspectors.

Skyss Minicard:
If you do not have a Skyss Travelcard, the ticket machine will issue a Skyss Minicard. Register the Skyss Minicard on the card reader on board every time you travel.

Optional receipt
The machine will not automatically issue a receipt. Select “Print receipt” to have the machine issue a receipt, or go to “My card” and select “Copy of receipt” after you have completed the transaction. 

You find tickets machine in Bergen and the surrounding area here:

  • All Bergen Light Rail stops
  • Bergen Airport: At the escalator down to the light rail and at the light rail stop.