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This applies to the following boat routes:

  • Gulen – Ytre Solund
  • Hardbakke – Nåra – Mjømna
  • Hardbakke – Kolgrov – Utvær
  • Gåsvær – Midtre Solund – Hardbakke
  • Nord-Solund
  • Kystvegekspressen Måløy – Smørhamn – Florø
  • Måløy – Silda /Måløy – Hennøystranda
  • Vik-Ortnevik 
  • Ortnevik-Måren-Nordeide 

How to purchase tickets
You purchase single tickets and season tickets on board. Pay using cash, a debit card or with Kringom value card. 

If you are bringing a car on boats in Florabassenget, go to Fjord1.no for information about prices and booking.

The Kringom value card
The Kringom value card functions like a travel card – you can deposit money to your travel balance. You can use the card to pay for boat tickets in Sogn og Fjordane.

You purchase the value card directly from the ticket inspector on board.

Kringom season ticket
With a 30-day season ticket for boats in Sogn og Fjordane, you can travel as much as you want on a particular distance. The 30-day season ticket is available in the categories adult and child.

Request and purchase a 30-day season ticket for boats

Please note: You can not buy tickets for boats in Sogn og Fjordane in Skyss Ticket app or in the ticket webshop.The exception is the boat routes in Florabassenget and Kaupanger kai-Frønningen. These boat routes have the same price as Skyss buses.