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The boat to Ask√ły is included in zone A and has the same ticket prices as buses/light rail within one zone.

All boat connections in Sunnhordland and Austevoll have different rates.

Use the price table to find your price

The price table below shows prices for single fare tickets, round trip tickets and season ticket (7, 30 or 180 days).

How to find the price for your journey:

  • Select region and type of passenger.
  • Select your ticket type in the table (single, round trip or pass).
  • Find your distance, and your price.
  • Discounts and categories on boat journeys

By clicking on the different categories of travelers, you will find a price table with prices for single tickets, round-trip tickets and the various season tickets.

Here you will find information about all discount and age limits that apply to boat journeys.

The following tickets can be used on boats

Single boat ticket

Round trip boat ticket

7-,30- and 180-day boat season ticket

More information about buying tickets

Boat services with seperate pricing

Regulations for fares and discount schemes for boat services in Hordaland