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The 24-hour season ticket for Skyss buses, light rail and some boat connections applies to the following boat services:

  • Askøybåten - boat services between Kleppestø and Strandkaiterminalen in Bergen
  • Nordhordlandsbåten - boat services between Knarvik-Frekhaug and Strandkaiterminalen in Bergen
  • Eidesvik-Espevær (applies from 1 July)
  • Florabassenget (applies from 1 July)
    • Florø-Askrova-Stavang-Svanøy (Florabassenget south)
    • Florø-Barekstad-Batalden-Fanøy-Rognaldsvåg-Kinn (Florabassenget north and west) 
  • Kaupanger kai - Frønningen (applies from 1 July)

About the 24-hour season ticket

You can purchase 24-hour season ticket for adults, children and seniors and students.

The 24-hour season ticket is not personal and can be shared with others, but it may only be used by one person at a time. For discounted tickets, the person using it must satisfy all relevant eligibility criteria.

You can purchase a 24-hour season ticket for one or more zones.

The 24-hour season ticket for bus, light rail and some boat connections, can also be used to travel by train between Bergen and Arna/Trengereid in zone A.

How to purchase a 24-hour season ticket

Remember that adults who are travelling with a 24-hour season ticket are eligible for a family discount.