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Use the travel card on journeys with all Skyss buses, boats in Hordaland, on the Bergen Light Rail and on trains between Bergen and Voss.

You can also use the Skyss travel card for passenger journeys in Florabassenget and the boat route Kaupanger kai-Frønningen. 

Tickets and season tickets for the travel card are available in the webshop. You choose when your ticket activates, and you simply need to bring the travel card as your travel document.

Use our Skyss travel card in the webshop 

  • Create an account in the online shop and register your Skyss travel card here. 
  • Select the ticket you want to buy in the online shop. Remember to bring our Skyss travel card when you travel.
  • If there is a ticket inspection, present your Skyss travel card and any discount documentation (e.g. student ID) to the ticket inspector. The Skyss travel card is linked to your account in the online shop, and the inspectors are able to verify that you have a valid ticket. You do not have to present your Skyss travel card to the driver when you travel in Hordaland. When traveling by bus in Sogn og Fjordane, you show your Skyss travel card to the driver when you board.

Several subsidiary users on the same account
You can only have one Skyss travel card registered to your profile in the webshop. But you can register Skyss travel cards to sub-users in your account, such as children or other family members. 

Order your Skyss travel card here

Read more about the webshop here

Lost Skyss travel card 

If you lose your Skyss travel card, here’s what you do:

  • Log in to the online shop and delete the Skyss travel card from your profile.
  • Order a new Skyss travel card and register this new card in the online shop once it arrives. You can then use this new Skyss travel card just like the last one. While you wait for your new travel card, you must bring a receipt from the webshop as documentation of your valid ticket.  

Please note: The webshop and the Skyss Ticket app are two completely different systems, so tickets in the Skyss Ticket app are not available in the online shop, and vice versa.