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Skyss offers a solution for easy display of departure information on a screen or webpage. We want to make it even easier to display relevant timetable information and are now offering a brand new service that you can set up yourself.

You can select which stops and services to display on a separate set-up page. The display is adapted to the platform in question: PC, phone, tablet, TV screen or big screen.

Now, companies, institutions and others can provide their customers or employees with up-to-date information about public transport arrival/departure times near their premises, for example on a screen in the lobby or other suitable location.

To make the departure information text as easy to read as possible, you can choose between two text and background colour options.

This is an example of how the departure information can look once you have chosen your own set-up:

Bildet viser korleis tavla med avgangsvisning kan sjå ut, etter at du har valt oppsettet. Bildet viser Bergen busstasjon som eksempel.