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The travel discount is a new scheme that provides you with a personal discount based on how often you travel. It is perfect for those who travel less than seven single trips a week or are unsure about their future travel plans. The travel discount is valid from February 1, 2024.

 How the discount works  

The amount of discount you receive depends on how often you travel. With the travel discount, you will accumulate a personal discount based on the number of single tickets you have purchased in the last 30 days. The more you travel, the cheaper it becomes.

  • Purchase a single adult ticket for bus, light rail and some boats in the Skyss Ticket app as usual.
  • The discount starts from the second ticket purchase and will gradually increase with the number of tickets you buy within 30 days.
  • During the first 30 days, each trip will move you one step higher on the discount ladder. The maximum discount is 40 percent, meaning the price of the single ticket becomes 26.40 kroner.
  • After the first 30 days, your discount will level off and remain at the same level if you have a consistent travel pattern. The discount is calculated rolling from the day you purchase the ticket and 30 days back in time.
  • If you travel more than usual, your discount will increase. If you travel less than usual, your discount will decrease. The discount only goes down to zero if you haven't purchased any single tickets in the last 30 days.
  • In the Skyss Ticket app, you will find your personal page, My Travel Discount. It keeps track of your ticket purchases, calculates the price of your next ticket, and shows how much you have saved in total.

Here is three examples of how much discount you can achieve with a regular travel pattern:  

Weekly trips in one zone Discount Ticket price
1 day (2 trips) 17 % 36,52 kroner
2 days (4 trips) 26 % 32,56 kroner
3 days (6 trips) 35 % 28,60 kroner
Prices for adult with travel discount in kroner 
Ticket purchase Discount 1 zone 2 zones 3 zones  4-7 zones
1 0,00 % 44,00 67,00 116,00 164,00
2 2,50 % 42,90 65,33 113,10 159,90
3 5,00 % 41,80 63,65 110,20 155,80
4 7,00 % 40,92 62,31 107,88 152,52
5 9,00 % 40,04 60,97 105,56 149,24
6 11,00 % 39,16 59,63 103,24 145,96
7 13,00 % 38,28 58,29 100,92 142,68
8 15,00 % 37,40 56,95 98,60 139,40
9 17,00 % 36,52 55,61 96,28 136,12
10 19,00 % 35,64 54,27 93,96 132,84
11 20,00 % 35,20 53,60 92,80 131,20
12 21,00 % 34,76 52,93 91,64 129,56
13 22,00 % 34,32 52,26 90,48 127,92
14 23,00 % 33,88 51,59 89,32 126,28
15 24,00 % 33,44 50,92 88,16 124,64
16 25,00 % 33,00 50,25 87,00 123,00
17 26,00 % 32,56 49,58 85,84 121,36
18 27,00 % 32,12 48,91 84,68 119,72
19 28,00 % 31,68 48,24 83,52 118,08
20 29,00 % 31,24 47,57 82,36 116,44
21 30,00 % 30,80 46,90 81,20 114,80
22 31,00 % 30,36 46,23 80,04 113,16
23 32,00 % 29,92 45,56 78,88 111,52
24 33,00 % 29,48 44,89 77,72 109,88
25 34,00 % 29,04 44,22 76,56 108,24
26 35,00 % 28,60 43,55 75,40 106,60
27 36,00 % 28,16 42,88 74,24 104,96
28 37,00 % 27,72 42,21 73,08 103,32
29 38,00 % 27,28 41,54 71,92 101,68
30 39,00 % 26,84 40,87 70,76 100,04
31 40,00 % 26,40 40,20 69,60 98,40
32 40,00 % 26,40 40,20 69,60 98,40

By purchasing 31 tickets, you have achieved the maximum discount. If you buy more than 31 tickets, the price will be 26.40 for each ticket after this.

Tip: We would like to point out that if you plan to buy 22 tickets or more in a 30-day period, it will be worthwhile to buy a 30-day period ticket.


Frequently asked questions

The travel discount is a new discount from Skyss that will be introduced on February 1, 2024. When you purchase adult single tickets in the Skyss Ticket app, you get a discount from the second ticket if you buy more tickets within a 30-day period. The more tickets you buy within this period, the larger the discount on the next ticket. The maximum discount of 40% is achieved with the purchase of the 31st ticket within 30 days. You will always find your personal discount in the Skyss Ticket app under My Travel Discount.

From February 1, 2024, the discount will be available in the Skyss Ticket app, and you accumulate a discount on trips you undertake after this date. Even if you have traveled with single tickets in the last 30 days before the launch, the travel discount only applies from the launch date onwards. Remember to update the app. If you haven't turned on automatic updates, you need to manually update the Skyss Ticket app. You can do this by finding the Skyss Ticket app in the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).

Nothing. When you purchase a single adult ticket in the Skyss Ticket app, you automatically get a discount. Your first ticket will be at full price. With the second purchase within 30 days, you will see a new price in green, which is the price you pay with the discount.

Those who purchase an adult single ticket in the Skyss Ticket app and travel more than once within a 30-day period. It applies to buses, light rail, and boats included in the Skyss zone prices. The travel discount is valid for all zones and is automatic for everyone who buys an adult ticket in the app. Therefore, you don't need to do anything special to use it.

The discount is continuously calculated based on the number of trips you have completed in the last 30 days. The discount starts with the second ticket and is then at 2.5 percent. It then increases gradually as you buy more tickets. The most significant increase occurs for the first 10 tickets. On the 11th ticket, you get a 20% discount. On the 21st ticket, you get a 30% discount. The maximum discount can be obtained with the purchase of the 31st ticket, where the discount is 40% (ticket price 26.40 kroner for one zone).

If you buy more than 31 tickets within 30 days, all tickets after that will cost 26.40 kroner. If you travel less frequently, the discount will decrease at the same rate it increased. Your personalized discounted price will always be displayed in the Skyss Ticket app when you go to buy your next ticket. You cannot accumulate the discount and use it for other tickets or save it for later.

The discount does not apply to other ticket types than the adult single ticket in the app. Children, seniors, and students already have other discounts. The discount also does not apply if you purchase the ticket elsewhere than in the Skyss Ticket app (such as ticket machines, online store, or on board). The discount does not apply to boats that are not included in the zone prices. Read more about boat prices in Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane.

When you purchase a ticket in the Skyss Ticket app, you will see an information text in green with a link above your ticket that says "Save more on your next ticket". This link takes you to the "My Travel Discount" page. You can also find this page in the app's menu under "My Travel Discount." Here, you can see your ticket count, the discount you will get on the next ticket, and how much you have saved since you started with the travel discount. On this page, there is also a link to this page on skyss.no.

Since the travel discount increases with more travel and decreases with less travel, it becomes individual what is cost-effective for you. On "My Travel Discount" in the Skyss Ticket app, you can keep track of how much you have spent on trips and how much discount you have received in the last 30 days.You can then compare this with what you would have paid with a period ticket and decide if you want to keep buying single tickets or a period ticket. In the first 30 days of traveling with a single ticket, you will accumulate more and more discount. If you have a consistent travel pattern, you will see the discount level you will be at with the average number of trips you have in 30 days. Note: The first 30 days of traveling with the travel discount will cost more than the next 30 days with the same number of trips. This is because, in the first 30 days, you accumulate a discount. Tickets after this period will give you the accumulated discount for your next ticket.

Example 1: You travel 22 times in a 30-day period; the tickets will cost you 790 kroner. This is slightly more than a 30-day period ticket. But if you continue with the same travel pattern and buy an average of 22 single tickets every month, it will cost you 669 kroner per month, and it will not be cost-effective to buy a 30-day period ticket for you.

Example 2: If you travel an average of 28 single trips in 30 days, it will be cost-effective to buy a 30-day period ticket.

You will always get the cheapest price. If you buy 10 tickets before reaching a 17 % travel discount in the app, you will get the group discount of 17 %. If, for example, you have achieved a 26 % discount in the app before buying the 10 tickets, you will get a travel discount of 26 % on all 10 tickets.

No, this discount has no connection to period tickets. A period ticket is a different type of discount that works as before, with a fixed price per 7, 30, or 180 days.

No, it is not necessarily always cheaper. It depends on how regularly you have traveled in the last 30 days. It is always the number of trips in the last 30 days that determines the discount you get. Example: From March 1-30, you have traveled 20 times, resulting in a price of 31.20 kroner for the next ticket. Then you have a week off and will travel again on April 6. The number of trips has decreased in the last 30 days. You have traveled 15 times from March 7 to April 6. You will then get a ticket price of 33.40 kroner, but the price will decrease if you start traveling more frequently again.

Yes, if the tickets are single adult tickets, you get a discount on all tickets. You will then get the same price for all tickets based on the discount you currently have. On the "My Travel Discount" page, you can see that the number of tickets has increased corresponding to the number you purchased, and you make a jump on the discount ladder.

Yes, the family discount still applies as before. If you travel with children on weekends and get a family discount, you will get it in addition to the travel discount.