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1. General

This policy applies to passengers on the following Skyss boat connections in Sogn og Fjordane:

  • Gulen - Ytre Solund
  • Hardbakke - Nåra - Mjømna
  • Hardbakke - Kolgrov - Utvær
  • Gåsvær - Midtre Solund - Hardbakke
  • Nord-Solund
  • Kystvegekspressen Måløy - Smørhamn - Florø
  • Måløy - Silda /Måløy - Hennøystranda
  • Vik - Ortnevik
  • Ortnevik - Måren - Nordeide

Prices are calculated based on point of embarkation and disembarkation. See the relevant price table for prices.

See norled.no for more information about prices and discounts on express boat services Bergen–Sogn and Bergen–Nordfjord.

1.1 Travel document

Passengers must be able to present valid travel documents at all times. This means you must have a valid ticket for the distance in question, as well as valid documentation if you are travelling with a discounted ticket (ID, student Id/concession card, etc.).

Discounts apply regardless of country of residence and nationality.

If you are eligibile for a discount, you must present documentation in accordance with relevant policies.

Ticket formats vary according to how you purchase your ticket.

  • Paper-based ticket issued by crew
  • Kringom boat travel pass
  • Youth ticket in the Skyss Ticket app or Skyss Travelcard (Note: Only applies to youth tickets)

2. Ticket purchase

2.1 On board

You can buy all types of single tickets and travel passes for the distance on board. If you want to purchase a travel pass, you need a Kringom boat travel pass, which can be requested from Fjord1.

Types of payment: debit card, cash, Kringom value card.

Please note: It is not possible to purchase boat tickets in Sogn og Fjordane in the Skyss Ticket app or in the Skyss webshop.

2.2 Kringom value card

The Kringom value card can be used in lieu of cash and is accepted as payment for boat tickets in Sogn og Fjordane. A 17 percent discount is extended when the value card is used to purchase an adult or child ticket above the minimum rate. The value card cannot be used for vehicles on ferries. Every time you top up your balance, the minimum deposit is NOK 300.

3. Ticket types

3.1. Single ticket – boats and ferries

A single fare boat ticket is valid for one journey on a specific distance by boat.

3.2 Travel pass

3.2.1 Kringom boat travel pass

The Kringom boat travel pass is personal and valid for one adult or child on a specific distance in Sogn og Fjordane. The travel pass is valid for unlimited travel in a period of 30 days from the date of purchase.

The Kringom boat travel pass can be purchased from Fjord1. You can activate a new period on board. If you qualify for a discount, you must present documentation in accordance with relevant policies when you purchase and reactivate your card.

On journeys outside the distance for which the travel pass is valid, a single ticket must be purchased. You pay for the distance you do not already hold a ticket for.

3.2.3. Youth ticket – for passengers aged 16–20

You can use a youth ticket from the day you turn 16 until the month you turn 21. Upper secondary school pupils who have not yet turned 16 may also purchase this ticket, but must carry documentation of their status as an upper secondary school pupil.

30-day youth passes are valid on all Skyss buses in Vestland, as well as on the Bergen Lightrail. In addition, the youth pass is valid on the following:

Other bus services:

  • Fram bus services in Sogn og Fjordane
  • Kolumbus bus services (including night buses) in the Municipalities of Haugesund, Karmøy, Bokn, Tysvær and Vindafjord in Rogaland
  • Trygt heim bus routes in Hordaland
  • Trygt heim bus routes in Sogn og Fjordane (applies from June 20 2022)
  • Airport express buses in Førde and Sogndal
  • Note: Does not include the Airport Express in Bergen


  • All boat connections in Vestland, with the following exceptions:
    • Osterfjorden boat service
    • Geitanger– Knappskog
    • Tourist route Hardanger (Norheimsund - Herand - Utne - Kinsarvik - Lofthus - Ulvik - Eidfjord)
  • Norled’s express boat connections between Sogn and Bergen, and between between Nordfjord and Bergen.
    • You can book a seat in advance if you are travelling with a youth pass. See norled.no for more information.


  • All ferry connections in Vestland. Most ferry connections in Vestland use the AutoPASS regulations, where passengers travel for free. If the ferry is not free, your youth pass will be valid.

Express bus:

Vy and NOR-WAY express buses in Vestland County, with the exception of express bus routes around Bergen:

  • between Bergen bus station and Knarvik
  • between Bergen bus station and Halhjem
  • between Bergen bus station and Trengereid

In order to be guaranteed a seat on an express bus, you need to book in advance. Use the channels provided by Vy or NOR-WAY to do so.


  • Departures between Bergen and Myrdal (Vossebanen/Arnalokalen).
  • Note: Youth passes are not valid on regional/long-distance trains (trains between Bergen and Oslo) or on Flåmsbana.

The youth pass is not valid on other private bus and boat connections in Vestland.

Don’t forget your receipt:

If you are travelling on an express bus, train or express boat, you must present your receipt and identification.

4. Categories


Passengers pay different prices depending on the category they belong in.

4.1. Adult

Persons between the ages of 16 and 67 are considered adults and pay full price for all boat tickets.

4.2. Child

Children between the ages of 4 and 16 pay approx. half price on single tickets and travel passes.

Children under age 4 travel for free. If there is any doubt about the passenger’s age, ticket inspectors may to demand that the passenger present valid identification.

4.3. Concessionary

Concessionary rates are offered to:

  • persons aged 67 or over
  • persons who are blind/deaf-blind
  • disabled persons with a degree of disability of 50 percent or more, as defined by the National Insurance Act
  • persons of any nationality and country of residence who receive a statutory social security benefit based on no less than 50 percent disability from a national insurance authority in another EEA country, equivalent to Norwegian National Insurance
  • disabled refugees with a supplementary benefit

Passengers who qualify for a concessionary discount pay approx. Half price on single boat tickets.

Spouses/registered partners who travel with passengers who qualify for a concessionary discount on a single fare ticket, also pay the concessionary rate.

Concessionary ticket holders must be able to present a valid ID.In addition, passengers under the age of 67 must also present a concessionary discount certificate from NAV. Blind persons must, in addition to ID, present certification from the Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted, and deaf-blind persons must present an additional certificate.

4.4. Student

The following groups are considered students and pay half price on single boat tickets:

  • Pupils in primary and secondary school.
  • Full-time students at a vocational school, technical college, university college or university in Norway or abroad, from age 19 until the end of the month they turn 30.
  • Adult foreign-language speakers under the age of 30 who are receiving instruction in Norwegian and social studies for no less than 10 hours per week over a period of no less than three months, or refugees under the age of 30 who are participating in the introduction programme.
  • Full-time apprentices and trainees, provided the training complies with the provisions of Chapter 4 of the Education Act.

When requested by the crew or ticket inspector, the student passenger must be able to present documentation of attending school/getting training that semester. The following is considered valid documentation:

  • Valid pupil ID from upper secondary school (with photo).
  • Valid student ID with a semester sticker (with photo).
  • Participant certificate with identification, photo, name and date of birth, the name of the course provider, the place of instruction and specification of instruction periods.
  • Signed apprenticeship contract from Vigo.no or a physical copy of an apprenticeship contract, along with photo ID (debit card with photo, driving licence or passport).

Student IDs for the spring semester are valid until the end of August, and student IDs for the autumn semester are valid until the end of January.

4.5. Military

A military discount is offered to conscripted military personnel completing their initial service. This group pays approx. half price on single tickets. The military discount is only offered to Norwegian nationals with a connection to the Norwegian Armed Forces.

The military discount is offered for the service period specified on the Ministry of Defence ID (FD-ID). The FD-ID must be presented as documentation. For call-up journeys, the call-up order may be used as documentation.

4.6 Companion

A person travelling as a companion to a disabled person with a companion certificate and a valid ticket, travel for free. The companion does not need a ticket.

5. Discounts

If several people travel together, or if bus travel is combined with other modes of public transportation, various discounts are available.

5.1 Mini group – boats

When 2-11 passengers travel together and buy adult tickets on board, they get a 25 percent discount. Children under age 4 travel for free and are not considered passengers in the group.

Group discounts cannot be combined with other discounted tickets.

5.2. Group discount – boats

When 12 or more passengers travel together, they get an 18 percent discount on adult or child ticket prices. Children under age 4 travel for free and are not considered passengers in the group.

Group discounts cannot be combined with other discounted tickets.

5. Baggage, etc.

5.1 Hand luggage

You may bring up to 20 kg of hand luggage for free.

5.2 Prams and strollers

You may bring a pram or stroller as long as there is space.

5.3 Dogs/animals

Animals/dogs can be brought on board local connections at child rate, unless the crew determines the animal is a danger, nuisance or inconvenience for other passengers.

Uniformed police may bring a police dog, and blind persons may bring a guide dog.

Dogs must be kept on a lead during transport and positioned in such a way as to not disturb other passengers.

If the animal is aggressive or otherwise disturbs other passengers, the animal may be asked to get off en route.

5.4 Bikes

There are special rates for bikes on boats, and you must book in advance.

6. Refunds

Single fare tickets are non-refundable.

6.1. Card deposit – Kringom travel pass

At the first purchase, you pay a NOK 100 deposit to cover the cost of the card.

You may return the card when you no longer need it. Your NOK 100 deposit will be refunded, provided the card is in good working order.

Contact the operator you purchased the card from, for a refund.

6.2. Refund for Kringom boat travel pass

If you become ill and cannot travel, you can request a refund of 1/30 of the travel pass price for each day the card has not been used, provided the unused period is 10 consecutive days or longer. The unused period is refunded at the purchase price. Contact the operator for a refund.

6.3. Youth ticket refunds

30-day youth passes are refundable. Contact the Skyss Customer Service Centre for settlement and transfer of the remaining value to your bank account.

6.4. Kringom value card refund

You can return the card. The card balance will be refunded, less 10 % up to NOK 100 in administrative fees. The same applies if you los your card, provided you can document that you are the card holder with a receipt and/or card number. If you return a value card that has not been used, you will get a refund of the full value. Contact the operator for a refund.

6.5. Fees

If your card has been deactivated due to misuse, or if the card holder has requested that the card be deactivated, there will be a NOK 100 service charge to reactivate the card.

6.6. Technical error

In the event of a technical error, the remaining balance and deposit will be refunded without an administrative fee.