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Go here for information about the senior discount on boats in Hordaland and boats in Sogn og Fjordane. 

The following passengers are eligible for a senior or concessionary discount:  

  • persons aged 67 or over
  • persons who are blind/deaf-blind
  • disabled persons with a degree of disability of 50 percent or more, as defined by the National Insurance Act
  • persons of any nationality and country of residence who receive a statutory social security benefit based on no less than 50 percent disability from a national insurance authority in another EEA country, equivalent to Norwegian National Insurance
  • disabled refugees with a supplementary benefit

Spouses/registered partners who travel with passengers who qualify for a concessionary discount on a single fare ticket, also pay the concessionary rate.

Remember valid documentation
All passengers travelling on a discounted ticket must be able to present valid documentation of their eligibility for the discount.

Passengers travelling with a concessionary ticket must be able to present valid identification to ticket inspectors. In addition, passengers under the age of 67 travelling with a concessionary ticket must also present a concessionary discount certificate from NAV. Blind persons must, in addition to ID, present certification from the Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted, and deaf-blind persons must present an additional certificate.