Kiosks and shops

You can buy single tickets for buses and Bergen Light Rail in Zone A for adults, children and seniors/concessions at selected kiosks and shops.

The following kiosks and shops in Zone A sell Skyss tickets:

  • 7-Eleven
  • Deli de Luca
  • Narvesen
  • Bunnpris
  • Ica
  • Matkroken
  • Rimi

Tickets purchased at a kiosk or shop must be activated on board when used. You do this as follows (the procedure is also printed on the back of the tickets):

  • Activate the ticket by holding it steady against the card reader and press the button to the right or left.
  • A green light appears and the text 'Gyldig reise' (Valid journey) is shown.

The driver can also help you activate the ticket. The normal transfer period is 90 minutes (from the first time the ticket is used). This means that you can buy several tickets at a time and use them when it suits you.

We recommend that you use the entrance in the front of the buses.