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Would you like further information about available positions as a bus driver? Various bus companies operate transport routes in Vestland county. Bus companies compete for contracts for bus routes. The bus companies own the buses, have employer responsibility for their drivers and set up route plans and shifts.

Here you can find further information about how you can find a job in Vestland’s finest workplace!

Firda Billag Buss AS operates in Sunnfjord and Nordfjord.

Contact Firda Billag Buss AS

Modalen–Eksingedalen Billag AS operates in the area Modalen/Vaksdal.

Kontakt Modalen–Eksingedalen  Billag AS

Tide Buss AS operates in:

  • Austevoll
  • Bergen nord og Osterøy (inkludert Servicelinjene)
  • Bergen sentrum
  • Bergen sør og Os
  • Hardanger/Voss
  • Sogn
  • Sunnhordland
  • Vest (Øygarden og Askøy)

    Kontakt Tide Buss AS

Tide Buss og Bane AS operates in Bergen. 

Tide Buss og Bane AS

Vy Buss AS operates in Nordhordland. 

Kontakt Vy Buss AS