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Free education

Vestland is in need of more bus drivers, and you can now be chosen to participate in a free course to become a bus driver at Tide or Vy.

The course takes place at Os Videregående Skole or a driving school. You will get a Class D driver’s license, allowing you to work as a bus driver. 

The education at Os vidaregåande skole begins in January of 2024 and lasts for 19 weeks. The education at the private driving schools lasts for eight to nine weeks. 

Requirements to take the course

To enroll in the course, you first have to pass a Class B driving test. Additionally, you must meet specific language requirements. If necessary, you can receive help learning the Norwegian language through language courses.

Financial support

During the course, you can receive a up to 100.000 NOK grant to support your studies at Os vidaregående skole. If you take the coruse at a private driving school the grant is up to 50.000 NOK. In return for the grant, you will commit to working as a bus driver in Vestland for three years. If you do not complete the full three years in Vestland, you may be required to repay a portion of the grant.

This is how you get started

To begin your career as a bus driver, contact the company operating in the area where you would like to work.

Apply at Tide

Apply at Vy

See more detailed information about where the companies drive here: 

Tide Buss AS operates in:

  • Austevoll
  • Bergen nord og Osterøy (inkludert Servicelinjene)
  • Bergen sentrum
  • Bergen sør og Os
  • Hardanger/Voss
  • Sogn
  • Sunnhordland
  • Vest (Øygarden og Askøy)

    Kontakt Tide Buss AS

Vy Buss AS operates in Nordhordland. 

Kontakt Vy Buss AS