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Buses in the following areas has the real-time system installed:

  • Bergen
  • Nordhordland
  • Askøy og Øygarden
  • Osterøy
  • Hardanger
  • Modalen
  • Sunnhordland

Mobile phone app
The mobile phone app Skyss Travel (Skyss Reise) shows real-time departure times from bus stops in the areas mentioned above. The app also has timetables for bus, Bergen Light Rail, boat, ferry and train services throughout Hordaland. The app also includes a travel planner function.

Read more about Skyss Travel app

Download the app free of charge from Google Play or the App Store and try it! Search for ‘Skyss Reise’.

Signs at stops
The signs show the estimated time when the bus will pass the stop (counts down from 14 to 0 minutes). For departures without available estimated times, the signs show scheduled times of departures (hh:mm). The signs show estimated departure times for buses with the real-time system installed. All real-time signs will have a speaker installed so that customers can have the information on the screen read out loud.

So far, we have erected over 130 signs and monitos at stops. We have selected stops and terminals with many travellers based on the number of embarkations and the number of passing services.

Mann foran sanntidsskilt på bryggen i Bergen.

The real-time signs show buses’ estimated departure times from the stop.