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Skyss buses, light rail and some boat connections:

  • Children under 6 travel for free
  • Children aged 6–17 need a child ticket

Prices for Skyss buses, light rail and some boat connections


  • Children under 4 travel for free
  • Children aged 5-15 need a child ticket

Prices for boats in Hordaland

Prices for boats in Sogn og Fjordane

Family discount

With a family discount, adult passengers aged 18 and older may bring up to four children aged 6–17 for free. The discount is only valid on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

The discount is valid on: Skyss buses, the light rail and some boat connections.

Discounts given to: Adult passengers aged 18 or older (adult, senior, student, military) with a valid single ticket or season ticket. 

Please note: Children under age 6 always travel for free on Skyss buses, the light rail and some boat connections.

Family discount on trains: The discount is also valid on trains for adult passengers with a single ticket or 24-hour pass, between Bergen and Trengereid (zone A) or season ticket (7-, 30- or 180-day pass) between Bergen and Voss (zones A, E and F).

Travelling with children

General info:

  • We recommend having several adults to accompany a group of children who are travelling.
  • Do not attempt to cross the road until the bus or light rail has departed.

At the stop

  • Do not let the children run around or play at the stop/terminal.
  • Make sure others can see you! We recommend that both adults and children wear reflective vests.

Embarking and disembarking 

  • Help the children get safely on board and make sure they get off safely. 

During the journey

  • Make sure the children do not go near the doors while moving.
  • If possible, all chilren should sit.
  • Make sure you keep an eye on bags, coats and other things they brought on board.
  • Let the children know when they are approaching their stop, so that they can prepare for getting off.
  • On the Bergen Light Rail and some buses, the stop button with the pram on it may be used for a little more time at the stop.

Travelling with a pram or pushchair (on buses and the light rail)

  • You may bring the pram or pushchair for free if there is room on board.
  • It is up to the driver to decide if there is enough room, based on safety concerns.
  • Make sure the pram or pushchair is parked securely and has the brake on. Hold it steady if necessary.  

Some buses have child seats.  Read more about child seats here

Children travelling alone

The child’s parents/guardians are responsible for a child travelling alone. 

Children under 12 may not travel by boat alone, and must be accompanied by a person over the age of 16.

Skyss is working hard to make publlic transport services comply with the principles of universal design, so that wheelchair users can also travel by public transport.

Unfortunately, not all buses in Hordaland are suitable for wheelchair users. Inside zone A it will normally be straightforward for wheelchair users to take the bus. Outside zone A, this may not always be the case.

If you are planning to travel by bus outside zone A, please make sure that the bus service on the line in question is suitable for wheelchair users. Please contact our customer service centre with information about when and where you are travelling, and we will be happy to find out whether this will be possible.

In consideration of safety on board, wheelchairs must not exceed a maximum weight and size limit, as defined by the Regulations relating to Universal Design and the Annex 7 of the European Buses and Coaches Directive. 

Maximum wheelchair size:
Length 120 cm
Width 70 cm
Total weight (incl. user) 300 kg   

Even on buses compatible with wheelchairs space may be limited. For example, it may be difficult to fit a wheelchair and a pram/pushchair at the same time. We are sorry that this may sometimes lead to practical challenges for wheelchair users. If you are delayed on your journey because we do not have capacity, the travel guarantee applies. Read more about the travel guarantee here.

The animal may be brought on board provided there is enough space and the animal does not disturb the other passengers. Animals must be secured on a lead or in a cage for the duration of the journey, and the animal must not block free passage. If the animal is aggressive or otherwise disturbs other passengers, the animal may be asked to get off en route.

All animals travel for free on:

  • Skyss buses in Vestland
  • Bergen Light Rail
  • All boats in Hordaland
  • Boats in Florabassenget and Kaupanger kai - Frønningen (applies from 01 July 2022)

On other boats in Sogn og Fjordane, dogs/animals can be brought on board at child rate.

If you are travelling with your dog and plan to transfer to a train or express bus, please be aware that they may have different rules.

On Skyss buses and the Bergen Light Rail:
On Skyss buses and the light rail bicycles/large scooters/self-balancing vehicles require a children’s ticket. You may only bring your bicycle on buses that have the space to accommodate it, and then only when there is enough space and the driver deems it safe.

Bicycle as hand-luggage:
If you have a foldable bicycle/scooter/self-balancing vehicle you may bring it on board as hand-luggage at no additional charge. Bicycles that can be disassembled or folded may be brought along in luggage holds on buses. 

On boats in Hordaland:
You may bring your bicycle/scooter/self-balancing vehicle for free on all Skyss boats, provided there is enough space.

On boats in Sogn og Fjordane:
There are special rates for bikes on boats*, and you must book in advance. Please contact the operator you will be travelling with.

* The exception is boat routes in Florabassenget and Kaupanger kai-Frønningen, where you may bring your bicycle for free, provided there is enough space.

Bicycle parking:
Several terminals now have bicycle parking. 

Passengers are allowed hand luggage with a total maximum weight of 20 kg for each ticket. Passengers must store their luggage properly so that it is not in the way of other passengers, particularly at the entrance/exit.

It is free to bring prams, wheelchairs, dogs, skis etc. if there is space available on the bus.

Do you need assistance at Bergen bus station? Call a security guard just before you arrive at Bergen bus station. Duty telephone, security guard: (+47) 477 03 314.

Useful information when travelling by:

Arrival times at stops
The specified arrival times show when the bus is expected to pass the stop. Actual arrival times may vary. 

Real-time information
Real-time means updated information about when your bus is expected to leave your stop. More about real-time information  

Group travel
If you are a group of 15 persons or more and you are planning to travel by bus, please notify the operator no less than 24 hours before your journey.

Safety is a top priority for us, and we ask that you please take the following advice when you are travelling:

  • Use seatbelts whenever they are available.
  • Hold children by the hand when they get on or off the bus.
  • Activate the brake on prams/pushchairs (also applies to rollators and wheelchairs).
  • Hold on to loose objects (bags, backpacks, etc.)
  • Get seen — use reflective tags or clothing.
  • Do not attempt to cross the road until the bus or light rail has departed.

Give a clear signal
Remember to use your hand to signal the driver when you are waiting at a stop. This lets the driver know you want to get on the bus. In addition, we recommend having your Skyss Travelcard or money ready.

Eating and drinking 
Some buses in the Bergen region have signs prohibiting eating and drinking on board.

All our stops and terminals are non-smoking.

Practical information

  • The light rail only stops for a short while. Please embark or disembark quickly. You need to operate the door yourself; use the buttons on the inside/outside of the doors.
  • Door opening buttons are marked as follows:
    - Use the black button marked < > when you want the doors to remain open the standard amount of time.
    - Use the blue button to keep the doors open for longer. This gives wheelchair users and passengers with prams/pushchairs or a lot of luggage a bit more time to disembark.
    - Green button marked “STOP”: When you press this, the doors will automatically open at the next stop.
  • When the doors can be opened, a green light comes on above the door. Before the doors close, there is a loud audio signal, and the light above the door turns red.
  • There are no waste baskets on board, so we recommend passengers use the waste baskets available at every stop.
  • All carriages and stops have video monitoring.

Eating and drinking 
 The Bergen Light Rail carriages have signs prohibiting eating and drinking on board.

Use one of the middle doors if you have a pram/pushchair, bike or a lot of luggage.

Information screens and speakers
Inside the light rail carriage, the next stop will be shown in an information screen near the ceiling, and an audio recording will also announce the next stop. Every stop has information screens that show the current and next departure. These are updated automatically.  

The Bergen Light Rail was designed in accordance with the principles of universal design. This means that as many people as possible should be able to travel on the light rail, regardless of their functional ability.

All our stops and terminals are non-smoking.

Children under 12 may not travel by boat alone, and must be accompanied by a person over the age of 16.

Get service information via text message
Would you like to receive a text message if your boat or ferry is delayed or cancelled? Register for service notifications via text message with Norled. Read more at norled.no (in Norwegian)

The Road Traffic Act applies on board
The Road Traffic Act and other regulations that apply to motor vehicle operation also apply to boarding and unboarding and on the car deck during the passage. Drivers therefore have the same responsibilities for driving on board as they do on the road.

Ferry crew members direct and assist
The crew on board is responsible for signals for boarding and unboarding and the distribution of the vehicles on the ferry deck, including any suspension decks or lower decks. Please comply with the signals they give you.

Not all vessels are very compatible for people with disabilities. If you need assistance or special accommodations, please let the crew know when you board.

Children who travel alone
Contact the crew for further instructions.

Transport regulations

The transport regulations constitute a contract between Hordaland County Council, repr. by Skyss, and each passenger.

Transport regulations

EU-regulation on bus passenger rights (in Norwegian)