Safely home service for young people

Safely Home is a night bus service in rural areas for young people between the ages of 16 and 24. People in this age group are guaranteed a seat, but others are also welcome to use the service if there are seats available.

Timetables for the Safely Home service are available here (PDF in norwegian):

  • Leirvik - Svortland - Langevåg: Line 800
  • Leirvik - Moster: Line 800
  • Svortland - Moster: Line 554
  • Svortland - Langevåg: Line 552


  • Rosendal - Husnes - Utåker: Line 760
  • Utåker - Husnes - Rosendal - Løfallstrand: Line 760


  • Voss stasjon - Vinje - Stalheim: Line 950 and line 964
  • Voss stasjon - Granvin - Ulvik - Hjeltnes: Line 945
  • Holbergplass - Bolstadøyri: Linje 950

There will be additional departures in connection with various youth events.

The Safely Home services are run by local companies that use buses, maxi taxis and ordinary taxis. Regular bus fares apply regardless of means of transportation; however, for those under 25 the maximum price is equivalent to four zones (NOK 58).

The Safely Home service in Voss is adapted for wheelchair users. Disabled passengers can be picked up and brought to locations up to 3 km from the route. 

Let us know here if you have any criticism or praise, or tips for improving the Safely Home service