Terminals and stops

Smoking is banned at all bus shelters and stations.

Bergen bus station
Click here for an overview of platforms at Bergen bus station

Do you need assistance? 

Call a security guard just before you arrive at Bergen bus station. Duty telephone, security guard: (+47) 477 03 314.

Bergen city centre

Click on the link below to see a map of stops in different areas in Bergen city centre

Bergen city centre

Click on the links below to see a map of the different terminals:

Arna terminal 

Birkelandsskiftet terminal 

Dolvik terminal  

Kleppestø terminal 

Lagunen terminal  

Loddefjord terminal  

Nesttun terminal 

Oasen terminal 

Storavatnet terminal 

Straume terminal 

Åsane terminal


Car parking is available for public transport users near selected bus terminals and stops.

Read more about park-and-ride here.