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Skyss is introducing a brand new online ticket shop for all types of tickets. It is now possible to choose the starting time for your ticket and your journey with the Skyss Travelcard.

When you purchase a single fare ticket, you can choose whether you want your ticket sent to your Skyss Travelcard or your mobile phone, or as a code. Your choice will be your proof of purchase.

You need a Skyss Travelcard to purchase travel passes (7, 30, and 180 days) and youth tickets. Single fare tickets and 24-hour tickets may also be sent via text message or e-mail, or you can print them out.

In the online shop, you can also buy tickets for other people, such as children or other family members, and “send” their ticket to the person’s phone, or you can give them the ticket code.

All types of tickets, both single fare tickets and travel passes, plus combination tickets for boat/bus journeys, are available in the online shop. The only thing not available through the online shop is a parking permit for the park-and-ride. > Click here for more information on what to do if you need a parking permit.

If you already have a Skyss Travelcard and want to continue using it, you can register your Skyss Travelcard in the online shop. Please note that you will not find your “old” tickets or Cash Travel balance on your Skyss Travelcard in the online shop, as these are two completely separate solutions.

The “old” solution for the Skyss Travelcard will be gradually phased out — read more about this here.

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