As a student you can travel cheaply around with Skyss! We offer a 40 percent student discount on all our season tickets. With the student discount you are free to travel all around Bergen and the surrounding areas by bus, Bergen light rail and Askøy boat service.

Prices for bus, Bergen light rail and Askøy boat service

You can buy a season ticket in the mobile app "Skyss Billett" or the webshop.

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Pssst! If you are under the age of 21, it is better to buy a 30-day youth ticket.

Who is entitled to the student discount?

  • Full-time students at upper secondary schools, vocational colleges, university colleges or universities and other educational institutions who qualify for support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, including Norwegian students studying abroad.
  • Students not older then 29 years
  • The nominal length of the study programme must be at least three months, and for higher education, the study programme must be equivalent to 30 credits or more per semester. For upper secondary school, the student work load must be a full year of courses.
  • Full-time apprentices and trainees who meet the requirements set out in chapter 4 of the Vocational Training Act.
  • Students on the course 'Norwegian Language and Civic Life for Adult Immigrants'
  • NKI (Approved by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund ) 

Who is not entitled to the discount?

  • Part-time students, part-time upper secondary pupils/visiting students and adults in full-time work
  • Students who take longer than normal to complete a programme, or who do not take all the required courses
  • Students at government agency schools (under the Armed Forces, Post Norway, the Norwegian Correctional Service), correspondence schools, short-term evening courses, special courses or internships
  • Students/pupils who receive pay or other remuneration in connection with their education, with the exception of apprentices/trainees who are entitled to a discount during their apprenticeship/traineeship. Income from grants and scholarships are not considered pay.
  • Doctorate candidates (PhD) are not considered students and are therefore not entitled to student discounts

You must show valid documentation

When you travel on a student ticket, you must always be able to present documentation, at the request of the driver or ticket inspector, that you are a student/apprentice/trainee in the semester in question.

  • Student card, student ID on a mobile phone or school ID card for apprentices, confirming that you are a student/apprentice this semester
  • Documentation from the school or training enterprise confirming that you are in education this semester, together with a bank card, driver's licence, passport or other form of photo ID
  • Students studying at educational institutions abroad must have an ISIC card (ANSA cards are not valid)
  • If you are a foreign student, you must bring proof of identity and a letter of admission from the educational institution
  • The documentation must state your name, date of birth and educational institution, and that it is valid for this semester
  • Student IDs for the spring semester are valid up to and including August, and student IDs for the autumn semester are valid until the end of January. For those concluding their studies, the last date on which they can activate a new student ticket is thus 31 July and 31 December.
  • For apprentices/trainees, valid documentation is either
    • a personal ID card from an enterprise, marked 'Apprentice' or 'Trainee', or
    • a copy of an apprenticeship/traineeship contract, or
    • confirmation from the enterprise that you are an apprentice/trainee, stating the duration of the apprenticeship/traineeship contract and your name and date of birth.

Persons who are unable to present valid documentation that they are entitled to the student discount during inspections must pay the applicable penalty charge.

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