AutoPASS for ferry

All our ferry connections will use the AutoPASS fare scale and payment by AutoPASS tag. There are new fares for vehicles, while all pedestrians, cyclists and passengers in cars and buses travel free.

To obtain a discount, do the following:

  1. Obtain an AutoPASS tag from a road toll company –
  2. Set up an “AutoPASS for ferry” agreement –
  3. Attach your AutoPASS tag to the ferry agreement (if not already done) –

AutoPASS discount schemes and fares

Click here for ferry fares

Electric (zero-emission) vehicles travel at half price. If you have an AutoPASS tag in your vehicle, but no ferry agreement, you receive 10 % discount for the vehicle. With an AutoPASS for ferry-agreement (and by paying in advance) you receive 50 % discount for your vehicle (40 % discount for corporate customers). It will still be possible to buy a ferry ticket using cash or a bank card on board, but there will be no discount.

For more details on the AutoPASS fare scale, see the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (‘Statens Vegvesen’) website.

AutoPASS for ferry

The payment concept “AutoPASS for ferry” has replaced the previous arrangement with discount cards and frequent user cards on ferries. “AutoPASS for ferry” is a national account (with advance payment) linked to both the AutoPASS ferry card and AutoPASS tag. It is up to each individual county to decide the type of payment system it wants for ferries. For the Hordaland region a political decision has been made to use AutoPASS tag payment. An AutoPASS ferry card can still be used on connections outside Hordaland, which use this as their payment system.


Questions and answers about AutoPASS and ferries

What does this mean?

You pay for your vehicle using your AutoPASS tag, which you must have with you in the vehicle. Passengers travel free. You can still pay in cash or by bank card, but then you receive no discount.

Is the tag in the vehicle the same one I use for road tolls elsewhere?

Yes. And remember the tag must be in the vehicle.

I don’t have a tag, or it doesn’t work?

For more information about AutoPASS tags, see

Do you already have an AutoPASS ferry card?

Then you also have an AutoPASS for ferry-agreement. You must ensure the AutoPASS tag is attached to your agreement in order to obtain a discount. See

How do I set up an AutoPASS ferry-agreement?

You can set up an agreement on To obtain the full discount you must pay at least NOK 3,600 in advance.

What happens if I am towing a trailer?

You register your car in the normal way when setting up the agreement. If the vehicle plus trailer is so long that you fall into a higher price class you will be charged for this, but will not lose your discount.

What about motorcycles?

MC pay full fares using cash or a bank card. AutoPASS tags cannot be used for MC, so no discounts are available. However, there is a special fare for MC, which is lower than the National Ferry Fare scale.

I already have a bus season ticket including ferries. How do I get my money back?

Contact Skyss Customer Service Centre and this will be arranged.

Who has decided the fares?

The National Roads Authority has calculated the fares for the transfer to the new arrangements and the fares are set in the AutoPASS fare scale. After that, it is up to each individual county to determine final fares for each ferry connection. Vestland County Council did this at the end of December.

What about businesses?

The requirements are the same as for private customers, but the advance payment is made per vehicle. Corporate customers receive a 40 % discount and as many vehicles as desired may be attached to the same agreement. Business can find the basis of invoicing etc. on – my account.

How do I buy a bus ticket?

You can buy a ticket as usual through an app, at a ticket machine or from the driver, for the zones where you will be travelling. But you no longer pay anything for ferries.

What about bicycles?

Bicycles travel free on the ferry.