From the age of 16 up to and including 20 years, we recommend the youth ticket. It allows you to travel as much as you like by bus, Bergen Light Rail, train and on several boat and ferry services for 30 days in the whole of Hordaland County, and on Kolumbus buses in some municipalities in Rogaland County. 


For people who are frequent travellers: 
Youth ticket – from 16 up to and including 20 years 

For people who only travel occasionally: 
Single ticket – a single journey

24 hour ticket

If you are entitled to free travel to/from school
Free travel to/from school – primary/lower secondary and upper secondary school. 

Ticket inspections 
If you are travelling on a youth ticket, a valid ID card (with your name, date of birth and photo), a bank card with a photo or a passport are valid forms of ID.

Ticket inspections