Youth ticket

With 30-day youth ticket, you can travel as much as you like in the whole of Vestland County,

Youth ticket can be bougth from the age of 16 and up to even 20 years. 

Buying tickets

The youth ticket is an impersonal ticket and can be used by others, but it can only be used by one person at a time. The person using the ticket must still satisfy age requirements. Remember valid identification.

If you are a student in upper secondary school but have not reached the age of 16, you can still buy a 30-day youth ticket. You must document through the admission certificate that you are a student in the upper secondary school at the point of sale or as a driver, or at any ticket check.

How to use a 30-day youth ticket

30-day youth ticket purchased on mobile and ticket machine will be activated immediately. When you buy Youth Ticket in the online store, you can select the start date.

How to buy a 30-day youth ticket

You can buy a 30-day youth ticket in the Skyss Billett app, in the online store, at the ticket machine and at our customer center. 30-day youth ticket is valid throughout Vestland on the following means of transport:

  • Local bus routes (Skyss and Kringom)
  • City bus Førde and Florø
  • Around Flybuss (not Flybussen in Bergen)
  • The light rail in Bergen
  • Shuttle boat routes
  • Fjord1 and Norled's ferry and boat routes in Sogn og Fjordane
  • Trains between Bergen and Vieren (Vossebanen). The youth ticket can not be used at the region train / long-distance train between Bergen and Oslo. 
  • Columbus' buses (including night departures) in the municipalities of Haugesund, Karmøy, Bokn, Tysvær and Vindafjord in Rogaland.
  • Shuttle their "Safe home" routes (Hordaland)

Express buses:

  • The fjord express between Bergen - Ostereidet - Matre - Haugsvær, but not on local journeys between Bergen and Knarvik. Debt internally in Hordaland and on cross-county trips
  • Haukeliekspressen between Odda - Røldal - Etne
  • East-West express to / from the former county border between Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane
  • The coastal bus to / from Haugesund
  • All Vy and NOR-WAY express routes in Sogn og Fjordane (not private tourist routes)
  • Forward its routes in Sogn og Fjordane

Pleace note: Remember to hold on to the activation receipt to present on journeys on trains, ferries, express boats and express buses.

Ticket control

For those traveling with a 30-day youth ticket, a valid identity card (with name, date of birth and photo), bank card with photo or passport as valid identification applies.

Ticket inspections

Price of 30-day youth ticket