Youth ticket

With 30-day youth ticket, you can travel as much as you like in the whole of Hordaland County, and on Kolumbus buses in some municipalities in Rogaland County.*

Youth ticket can be bougth from the age of 16 up to and including the day before you turn 21 and use it that period. Like season ticket, youth ticket is a non-personal ticket. This means that youth ticket can be used by different people, but only by one person at a time. The person using the youth ticket must always meet the age requirement. Remember valid ID!

If you are a pupil at upper secondary school but have not yet turned 16, you can nevertheless buy the youth ticket. You must show proof of admission at the point of sale or to the driver, or in the event of a ticket inspection, to document that you are an upper secondary school pupil. 

Buying youth ticket
You can buy the 30-day youth ticket on your mobile phone, from a ticket machine, at our customer service center and from the driver if you have a Skyss Travelcard (drivers do not accept bank cards). 

Buying tickets

Using youth ticket
A youth ticket purchased with a mobile phone is activated at once. You have to activate youth ticket on your Skyss Travelcard when using it for the first time in a new period. This can be done by the bus driver or you can do it yourself in the following way using the card reader on board:

  • Hold the Skyss Travelcard steady against the card reader.
  • Select youth ticket (‘ungdomsbillett’) (using the button on either the right or left).
  • Hold the card steady against the card reader again. For the rest of the period, you register each journey by holding the Skyss Travelcard steady in front of the card reader. 

Please note: Youth ticket must be activated on your Skyss Travelcard within 30 days of the purchase date.

*Youth ticket can be used on the following means of transport:

Buses/Bergen Light Rail 

  • All ordinary bus services in Hordaland and Bergen Light Rail in Bergen, except the airport bus.
  • All Kolumbus buses (including night services) in the municipalities of Haugesund, Karmøy, Bokn, Tysvær and Vindafjord in Rogaland County.
  • The Kystbussen express bus service to/from Haugesund (for journeys between Bergen and Halhjem, you must take a local bus unless you are travelling from Bergen to Halhjem and then continuing by ferry to Tysnes). On direct buses, youth ticket is valid on the whole route between Bergen and Haukås (in Sveio).
  • The express bus services to Sogn og Fjordane to/from the county border.
  • The Haukeliekspressen express bus service to/from the county border.
  • The Safely Home services


  • All express boat services in Hordaland (NOTE: seats cannot be reserved), with the exception of the Bergen–Lygra–Fonnes/Vardetangen-Mjømna route.
  • All local boat services in Hordaland.


  • All the ferry crossings in Hordaland, including the Breistein–Valestrandsfossen and Masfjordnes–Duesundøy crossings.


  • All the train services in Hordaland.

Please note: Remember to hold on to the activation receipt (which states the validity date) to present on journeys on trains, ferries, express boats and express buses.

Ticket inspections.

Price of 30-day youth ticket