Order a Skyss Travelcard

Please note: You may only have one registered Skyss Travelcard. If your registered Skyss Travelcard is lost/ not working, you must use this form:

Lost/defective Skyss Travelcard  

It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide below is correct. On using the Skyss Travelcard, you confirm that the information is correct.

Please note: Remember to state your full address (for example, if you have a post office box), and mark your mailbox clearly to ensure that you receive your Skyss Travelcard.


Order form

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Registered  Skyss Travelcard
You can choose whether or not to register your Skyss Travelcard. A registered Skyss Travelcard is registered to you personally, and you can only have one registered Skyss Travelcard. Skyss will store information for a limited period about the journeys you make using your Skyss Travelcard. We use this information in connection with complaints or claims for refunds in connection with lost cards.

Unregistered Skyss Travelcard
An unregistered Skyss Travelcard is not registered to you personally, and you can have several unregistered Skyss Travelcards. It is not possible to claim a refund if you lose an unregistered Skyss Travelcard.

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