Other prices

Our prices apply to all travel by bus, Bergen Light Rail and boat in Hordaland. Other prices apply on other public transport services.

Express buses
Different prices apply to express buses. For prices for the Haukeliekspressen, Kystbussen, Fjordekspressen and Øst-VestXpressen services, see:

NOR-WAY Bussekspress AS

Sognebussen - see Vy Buss AS

Airport buses
Airport buses in Bergen run to and from Bergen Airport Flesland, and different prices apply:

The airport bus (flybussen)

Other prices apply for boat services for which Skyss is not responsible for information and marketing (not operating under the Skyss logo). You can use your Skyss Travelcard and Cash Travel on the following boat services:

Hellesøy – Hernar,  see Gulen Skyssbåtservice
Rosendal – Bergen
Reksteren – Våge – Os,  see L. Rødne & Sønner
Eidesvik – Espevær, see Gulen Skyssbåtservice
The Hardanger tourist service

You cannot use your Skyss Travelcard on the following services: 

The Knappskog - Geitanger boat service:

See Geitanger Transport AS for information

Car ferries
Different prices apply on car ferries. You can buy a special ferry card that can be used on most ferry crossings in Hordaland and in several other counties.

Ferry card

Vy is responsible for travel by train in Hordaland and it has its own prices:


The Bergen Card
The Bergen Card is very suitable for tourists. With the card, you travel for free on buses in Bergen and Bergen Light Rail and get free admission to or a discount at many museums, attractions, cultural events, sightseeing tours, restaurants and parking:

The Bergen Card