Using mobile phone tickets

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of a valid travel document. Among other things, this means that:

  • You must have bought a mobile ticket before you go on board
  • Your phone must have enough battery capacity for the duration of the journey so that a valid ticket can be presented in the event of a ticket inspection
  • If you have bought tickets for others using your mobile phone, it is you who has the tickets. Your mobile phone must therefore be available to those travelling with you during the whole journey in the event of a ticket inspection.

Since a valid mobile ticket must be bought before boarding, mobile ticket users can use both the front and rear doors when embarking. Both drivers and ticket inspectors can nonetheless demand to see a valid ticket at any time during the journey.

Single tickets bought with a mobile phone can be used for transfers in the zones paid for. The transfer period in one zone is 90 minutes from the time of purchase.

Mobile network
Using the mobile phone app requires the use of a mobile data network (GPRS/Edge/3G/4G). Tickets cannot be bought via the mobile app in areas without mobile coverage. In such cases, you must buy a ticket in other ways.

Buying tickets

Transferring season tickets between phones
If you have bought a new mobile phone or for some other reason have re-installed the ticket app, you can transfer valid tickets to the new phone/app. This applies to 7- and 30-day season tickets and 30-day youth tickets.

Tickets can be transferred up to three times. This is done by logging on to the app on your new phone using your old user name and password.

Parking permits
If you have a 7- , 30- or 180-day season ticket (adult/student/seniors) on your mobile, you can get a parking permit at our customer service center or at one of our collaborators:

Park and ride