Buying mobile phone tickets

You must buy a ticket before boarding. There is a 2 minute delay in purchasing tickets with the ticket-app. This means that it will take 2 minutes from buying a ticket in the app until the ticket is active. You can still board when the ticket has been purchased and the text "Active in 2:00 - boarding permitted" is displayed and the countdown has started.

Ways to pay
You can pay in the following ways when buying tickets with the app Skyss Ticket:

  • Mobile Account
  • Payment card (Visa/Mastercard)
  • Your phone bill (does not apply to season tickets)

Mobile Account
Mobile Account is a payment method in the app Skyss Ticket. The minimum deposit in a Mobile Account is NOK 200. The maximum amount is NOK 5,000. In order to pay using Mobile Account, the balance in the account must be at least equal to the purchase price. You can top up your Mobile Account in one of the following ways:

  • By Visa or Mastercard
  • Online banking transfer. Send KID to 2412 for more information.

If you want the balance in your Mobile Account refunded, contact our customer service centre. In connection with refunds, the amount will be refunded to the card/bank account used to top up the account, and the balance in the Mobile Account must be at least NOK 50.

Customer service center

Please note: Mobile Account must not be confused with Cash Travel on the Skyss Travelcard. The balance in the Mobile Account is independent of the balance on your Skyss Travelcard, and they have no effect on each other.

Cash Travel 

Affiliated users of a Mobile Account
It is possible to link several users to a Mobile Account. This function has been specially developed with families in mind. Affiliated users (for example children) will be able to pay for their travel by charging it to the Mobile Account of the main user (for example their father/mother).

Bank cards
You can pay by VISA or Mastercard. It is a good idea to enter a bank card in the app right away. You can choose to pay for your tickets directly via the bank card or use it to top up your Mobile Account.

All transactions that involve using a bank card (Visa/Mastercard) will be processed by Nets. Nets supplies payment, card and information solutions in the Nordic countries, and it has a secure electronic payment solution. Nets ensures that all card information is stored securely and in accordance with the card companies' rules. No information about the payment card will be stored in the app or by Skyss.

Phone bill
If you pay via your phone bill, you will receive a text message confirming the payment. Max. amount is NOK 200. Your ticket will then be available in the app. It can take some time to receive confirmation of payment from your phone service provider and thereby until the ticket is available in the app.

Please note: Not all mobile operators and subscriptions support payment via phone bills. (e.g. Telenor Kontant and TDC).