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To obtain a discount, do the following:

  • Obtain an AutoPASS tag from a road toll company at www.autopass.no. You receive a 10 percent discount.
  • Set up an “AutoPASS for ferry” agreement at www.autopassferje.no and attach your AutoPASS tag to the ferry agreement. You receive a 50 percent discount (40 percent for corporate customers ).

AutoPASS discount schemes and fares

With an AutoPASS for ferry-agreement (and by paying in advance) you receive 50 percent discount for your vehicle (40 percent discount for corporate customers). If you have and AutoPASS-tag in your vehicle, but no ferry agreement, you get a 10 percent discount for the vehicle. If you have neither an AutoPASS-tag nor a ferry agreement, you must pay full price. Electric (zero-emission) vehicles travel at half price. 

FerryPay - no discount, but invoice-free

FerryPay is a simpe and invoice-free way to pay for your full-price journey on most ferries. The solution is for vehicles that do not have an AutoPASS tag or AutoPASS for ferry prepayment agreement. The vehicles registration number is automatically read upon entering the ferry and is linked to your FerryPay agreement.The credit or debit card you have registered on your agreement is automatically charged one full price ticket per ferry journey. For more information go to ferrypay.no

Click here for ferry fares

For more details on the AutoPASS fare scale, see the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (‘Statens Vegvesen’) website.

Osterøy ferry (Breistein-Valestrand)
For bus passengers on the Osterøy ferry, the ferry is included if you have a Skyss season ticket for 7-, 30- or 180-days.

National scale

Some county connections follow the national scale for ferry rates. These are:

  • Kaupanger-Frønningen (from 1 July this only applies to cars)
  • Vik-Ortnevik (from 1 July this only applies to cars)
  • Ortnevik-Måren-Nordeide (from 1 July this only applies to cars)
  • Florabassenget (applies to cars on boats)

On connections using the national scale for ferry rates, payment is required for both vehicles and passengers.

In order to qualify for a discount on these ferries, you need an AutoPASS ferry card.

Read more on the website of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.