Ticket inspections

Bidra til eit betre kollektivtilbod

Hugs billett – alltid!

Ikkje ver ein snylteagurk

To travel by public transport you need a ticket. Anyone who travels without a ticket causes the community a loss of tens of millions every year. This money could have been used for a better public transport service.

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Did you know:

  • If your ticket is valid when you board, you can travel as far as you planned (even if the ticket expires along the way)
  • On weekends you as an adult, can bring up to 4 children (6-17 years) free of charge
  • You are responsible for having valid documentation if you are entitled to a discount
  • If you do not have a ticket, you will receive a fee of NOK 1150,- (NOK 950,- payment on the spot)

The aim of inspections is to increase the number of paying passengers, to prevent incorrect purchases/sales, to provide guidance and to contribute to safe and pleasant travel.

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For more information, see:

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