Ticket inspections

Avoid having to pay an unnecessary penalty charge of NOK 950. Make sure you travel with the right travel product and have valid documentation if you are entitled to a discount.

The following travel documents are valid:

  • a valid ticket (on a Skyss Travelcard, Skyss Ticket app or a paper ticket from the driver), and
  • valid documentation that you are entitled to a discount (valid photo ID/ student ID card/ senior citizen/ concession ID card etc.) if you are travelling at a discount.

You are responsible for ensuring that you are in possession of a valid travel document for the duration of your journey. If you are unable to present a valid travel document during an inspection, you can choose to pay a fine of NOK 950 on site or receive an invoice for the amount of NOK 1150. Any attempt to forge a travel document is a criminal offence. The fine for forgery is NOK 1500. Invalid travel documents must be handed over.

The aim of inspections is to increase the number of paying passengers, to prevent incorrect purchases/sales, to provide guidance and to contribute to safe and pleasant travel.

Missing ID/documentation
If you have received a fine due to lack of ID and/or documentation showing that you are entitled to a discount, we can waive the fine if you visit our customer service centre with the original fine and valid ID and/or documentation within the last date for paying the fine. 

Customer service center

If you believe that you have incorrectly received a fine, you can send a message to us using our contact form or by mail. Remember to include details about that date of inspection and number on the fine you have received. Complaints must be submitted in writing within three weeks after you have received the fine.

Contact form

Transport Regulations

Please note: If you are travelling on a Skyss Travelcard, you must remember to keep the activation receipt (showing the 'valid to' date) as documentation on means of transport that do not use our ticket system (e.g. NSB local trains, ferries and express buses).