Useful information

Here, you will find information that can be useful when using public transport in Hordaland County.

Real-time information
Real-time information means up-to-date information about when a bus is expected to depart from a bus stop.
Real-time information (in norwegian)

Allow enough time for transfers
If you are going to switch lines during your journey, you must allow at least five minutes for the transfer plus the time it takes to walk from one line to the next. This is not necessary in the case of regular connections where the driver is required to wait for a connecting service.

Passengers are allowed hand luggage with a total maximum weight of 20 kg for each ticket. Passengers must store their luggage properly so that it is not in the way of other passengers, particularly at the entrance/exit.

It is free to bring prams, wheelchairs, dogs, skis etc. if there is space available on the bus.

Lost and found
Lost and found in Bergen and the surrounding areas are stored at Bergen Bus Station. For other areas, each individual operating company running for Skyss is responsible for keeping things forgotten on the bus.
Lost and found 

It is the child's parents/guardians who are responsible when children travel alone.

Children under the age of 12 cannot travel by boat unless accompanied by someone aged 16 or over.

Do you need assistance at Bergen busstasjon? 
Call a security guard just before you arrive at Bergen bus station. Duty telephone, security guard: (+47) 477 03 314.

Transport regulations
The transport regulations constitute a contract between Hordaland County Council, repr. by Skyss, and each individual passenger.
Read the transport regulations here