Permit - parking

To be able to park for free, you need a valid season ticket (7-, 30- or 180-days) for adults / students / seniors within or to / from zone A in the Skyss Billett app.

After purchasing a season ticket, register the license plate number on your car under "Parking" in the menu. The parking ticket lasts until 6pm on the same expiration date as the season ticket.

When purchasing the next season ticket, the parking ticket will be activated automatically.

It is your responsibility to have a valid parking permit attached to the car. If you do not have valid proof, you can be charged a fee according to the rates stated in the Parking Regulations

Requirements for parking permits apply Monday to Friday between 6am - 6pm, not weekends. Otherwise, the parking lots are open to everyone. Except for Laguneparken and Kystbygarasjen on Straume.

There is no space guarantee and the maximum parking time is 20 hours. If the car is parked for more than 20 hours, you risk a fee according to the rates stated in the Parking Regulations

In special situations, the vehicle can also be removed.

Parking inspections have been carried out on behalf of Skyss in parking lots with a requirement for a parking permit.

NB: Own rules apply in addition to the parking spaces at Laguneparken and in Kystbygarasjen at Straume.