The parking permit is digital and it means that you no longer need a physical wafer in your car, but register your license plate number in the Skyss Billett app instead. First buy a season ticket (7-, 30- or 180-days) for zone A, and then add your license plate number under the menu item "Parking" in the app.

Parking arrangement debt Monday to Friday at 6am – 6pm, off-weekends and public holidays. Maximum parking time is 20 hours. Parking spaces are open to all and there is no parking guarantee.

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To register a parking ticket in the Skyss Billett app:

  • Go to «menu» (top left corner) and select «parking»
  • Register up to two sign numbers. NOTE! Kunein car can be parked at a time.
  • When using for the first time, remember to activate the parking permit.

The parking permit is automatically activated when renewing the season ticket and lasts until 6pm on the day the season ticket expires.

If you use the Skyss card, you can receive a wafer at our customer center. Currently, the parking permit is not available in the online store. The ticket machines will eventually be phased out, but it is still possible to pick up parking tickets here.

Here you will find parking

Parking for public transport with a parking scheme is available at the following locations:

  • Birkelandsskiftterminal – about 280 places
  • Lagunen (driveway from Steinsvikvegen) - about 150 places
  • Laguneparken (Apeltunvannet) - about 200 places
  • Nesttun – about 180 places
  • Os – about 25 places
  • Skjold – about 29 places
  • Skjoldsskiftet – about 59 places
  • Skjoldkirke – about 29 places
  • Skogsskiftet - about 54 places
  • Storavatnet terminal - about 160 places
  • Straume on Sotra - about 160 places
  • Straume, Kystbygarasjen on Sotra - about 50 places
  • Åsane - about 200 places

Apcoa Parking performs parking checks on behalf of Skyss.

Terms for parking for public transport passengers with a parking permit can be found here.

Here you will find information about parking spaces without a parking scheme.