In order to limit the number of cars in Bergen city centre, facilities have been provided so that public transport users can park their car in nearby suburbs and municipalities. Some of the car parks are only available to passengers who have a season ticket and a parking permit.  

Park-and-ride with a parking permit
If you have a 7-, 30- or 180-day season ticket (adult/student/senior/concession holder), you can park free of charge in selected park-and-ride car parks. You must display a parking permit in the front window of your car as proof that you have a valid ticket. The parking permit requirement applies from Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 16.00 (6.00 and 18.00 in Os), not on weekends/public holidays. The parking spaces can be used by everyone outside these hours. The maximum parking time is 20 hours.

Note that special rules apply at Laguneparken, Straume and Kystbygarasjen. For detailed information about these locations see their individual pages in the list below.

Park-and-ride car parks where a parking permit is required are available in the following places (in norwegian only):

You must have bought and activated a 7, 30 or 180-day season ticket (adult/student/senior/concession holder) on your Skyss Travelcard in advance on a bus/Bergen Light Rail in order to obtain a parking permit. You can obtain a permit from a ticket machine once you have activated the season ticket on your Skyss Travelcard.

How to get a parking permit from a ticket machine: 

  1. Hold Skyss travel card over the reader
  2. Choose «My card»
  3. Choose «Parking ticket»
  4. Choose “Print parking ticket”

You cannot activate season tickets on the ticket machine. If you have difficulty printing a permit from a ticket machine, contact Skyss customer service center or obtain a permit from one of the issuers of permits listed below.

If you have a 7 or 30-day season ticket (adult/student/senior/concession holder) on your mobile phone, you must obtain a permit from our customer service center, or at:

  • Circle K service station Nesttun
  • Circle K service station Ulset
  • Oasen shopping centre (customer service desk)
  • Lagunen shopping centre (customer service desk)
  • Rema 1000 at Kuven station (Os)

Please note: There is no guarantee that a parking space is available.

Apcoa Parking carries out parking control on behalf of Skyss.