Bus strike is over

Published: 9/28/2020 Changed: 9/28/2020

The bus traffic is starting up again from 1 October at 12 PM. But be aware of operational disruptions all day.

Unntil 12 PM  1 October: 

Major consequenses

Due to the strike, none of Skyss’ buses are running as normal, with only a very few exceptions, see below. 

Cancelled bus departures will still appear in the journey planner and the app Skyss Reise. 

Bybanen and Covid-19

Bergen Light Rail (Bybanen), boats and ferries are running as normal. The strike may lead to crowding on Bybanen. Due to the Covid-19 situation we recommend all to avoid travelling if possible. The City of Bergen recommends passengers to use face masks on board. 

Please remember the Covid-19 guidelines for public transport. 

Bus routes that run despite the strike: (in Norwegian)

  • Service buses Landås, Laksevåg, Bergen sentrum, Åsane (route 101-104)      
  • Modalen and Vaksdal: A few departures on route 900 and 911 
  • Trygt heim Voss 
  • Sunnhordland: A few departures on route 680

The upper secondary schools in Vestland will be open as normal during the strike.

Our travel guarantee does not apply in the event of strikes.

In line with the general rules that apply to legal labour disputes, Skyss does not take any compensatory measures to remedy the consequences of the strike.

We will keep skyss.no updated on the status of the strike.